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The Trouble With the Germans

I never thought I would envy a women’s college, but recently, Barnard College built Cathedral Gardens, a dormitory that houses

A Better Carnival

I dropped by the Harvard College Carnival on Friday. The whole thing reeked of state-school envy, a troubling sentiment I

Taming the Dragon

SINGAPORE—I’ve been following the march of the gays into Jerusalem closely. It reminds me of the devil’s intrusion into Moscow

Engineering Human Souls

It is a discipline the College has never quite known how to deal with. Over the last century, engineering has

Company in Cambridge: A Pamplonan’s Coffee-Flavored Life

Josefina Yanguas is 89 years old. Her voice is velvety and still infused with an august Basque accent after all

A note from the Editorial Board

The Harvard of 1981, as revealed by The Crimson’s editorial pages of that year, was marked by affairs that may

One Week Later

SMUG JUSTICE The “Opal Mehta” controversy has inspired tremendous outrage among many observers, most of whom have no connection to

The Eyes of Doctor Fitzgerald

Of all the final clubs at Harvard, it is the Fly’s grounds that most remind me of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s

Why Yale is Better

If you support Harvard-style housing, you are being inconsiderate in effect, if not in intent. The winners of Harvard-style housing

DISSENTING OPINION: A Noxious Mistreatment

In the wake of University President Lawrence H. Summers’ resignation, just about everyone is trying to diagnose and treat Harvard’s

The Gay Old Party

Harvard’s Republicans today are much like the hippies of the ’60s: both love to see themselves as provocateurs of convention,

How to make a ‘Scene’

Bursting uncouthly into the limelight last week was Scene, “Harvard campus’ magazine on society, style & living”—the aggravating creation of

Reject's Manifesto

A specter is haunting Harvard—the specter of a real community. If you’ve got even a sprig of imagination, you’ll know

This Old (Inter-) House

There’s a structural problem in the debate about Harvard’s House system: the people most likely to need the Houses are

Don’t Diss What Nourishes You

Corporate recruiting is as maligned as it is observed. An upperclassman’s autumn is now well underway and that means a