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Let the Subaltern Speak

In October of 1957—when many of the graduates attending their 50th reunion this week were beginning their senior year of


In the grand scheme of things, a one-dollar refund might not seem like much. But in the case of the

Earth Day Focus

This past Tuesday, March 22 marked Earth Day 2008: a moment of pause in order to reflect on the growing

Lessons of Darkness

End Standard Time This past week has been unusually depressing. No—it’s not midterms, stress, or the dry weather that leaves

A Beer a Day…

POINT/COUNTERPOINT Pass on the beer Being a vegetarian at Harvard is hard. You can’t eat half the entrees in the

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Cat Lady in Training

When my friend told me he could see me as a cat lady, I was flattered. Sexy black unitard, kitten


Last week, I went to Widener to retrieve an essay for my tutorial and found myself (a displaced history and

Cracking Down on Drinking

The College’s recent crackdown on alcohol is causing a ruckus across campus. Since May, the administration has been meeting with

A Drive To Remember

He sat next to me in the front seat of the car, pulling his seat belt across his chest and

Too Much of a Bad Thing

Come fall, if you drink too much at the Cambridge Queen’s Head (the new College Pub), you have every right

DISSENT: Striking a Blow Against Injustice

When I first saw a girl in my history section wearing a sign that said, “Ask me why I’m fasting,”

Of Space Cadets and Safety Nets

Getting sent to the Ad Board is a twisted mark of pride. You are a badass, perhaps an abuser of

Playing House

PINING FOR THE QUAD I have been struggling with this for weeks. I have listened to my friends joke about

Confessions of a Fruit Fly

Hello, my name is Emma Lind, and I have gay friends. Fag hag, fruit fly, queer dear. The terminology may

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Cupid is my Homeboy

I cannot honestly say that I hate Valentine’s Day. As much as I love to complain about the commercialization of