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In Year of Change, Voters Shake Up Council, School Administration

“Throw the bums out” was the unofficial motto of Cambridge politics this year, which saw a wonkish reformer upend a

Palfrey Appointed New HLS Library Director

Cyber law expert John G. Palfrey ’94 will take over as director of the Harvard Law School Library and become

Chomsky and Dershowitz: A Decades-Old Battle

In a speech yesterday, veteran Harvard Law School professor Alan M. Dershowitz said that his longtime rival, retired MIT linguist

MIT Prof Replaces Feldstein At NBER

Veteran Harvard economist Martin S. Feldstein—who is stepping down after nearly three decades at the helm of the National Bureau

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McCain, Clinton Come Back To Win

Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton edged out Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary yesterday, giving the New York

The Cambridge Express

Trains can save the world. That may sound a bit hyperbolic, but it’s true. Traveling by train—instead of plane or

Residents Challenge Shady Hill Building Permit

The legal attack on a developer’s plans to build over a park hit the Cambridge Zoning Board last night, with

Schools Chief Sees Improving Fortunes

NEWS ANALYSIS The future is looking increasingly bright for Cambridge’s superintendent of schools, Thomas D. Fowler-Finn. If the past is

Pudding Gives Gift to Schools

Hasty Pudding Theatricals donated $10,000 to the Cambridge Public Schools yesterday, continuing a five-year tradition of providing funds for local

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In Upset, GSD Grad Wins Council Seat

The Sullivan family dynasty, which has held a seat on the Cambridge City Council since 1936, is no more. In

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Sullivan Tries To Keep Political Dynasty Alive

In a city divided between newly-arrived professionals and old-timers, there are few families that represent “old” Cambridge better than the

Demographic flux makes more alterations to desegregation plan likely

In the aftermath of a Supreme Court decision this year invalidating race-based school assignment systems, Cambridge’s “controlled-choice” policy, which strives

Despite score boost, schools struggle to close ‘achievement gap’

For the past several years, scores on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests have improved—in some cases substantially. But

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Will he stay or will he go? Committee to review superintendent contract

Other than deciding the school district’s annual budget, the School Committee’s most important responsibility is the hiring and firing of

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Uniting a City, Dividing a Council

Freshman City Councillor Craig A. Kelley is either an earnest, progressive reformer or an unbearable, self-righteous gadfly. Whichever set of