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The Homecoming of Matt & Ben

The debate over the respective values of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Class of 1992—which is more talented, more bankable,

Singer-Songwriters Raise Their Voices

By all accounts the roundtable should have been over by now. The four singer-songwriters participating in the interview have been

Does Roger Ebert Matter?

BEN B. CHUNG: There are few topics that film critics enjoy discussing more than the Role of the Film Critic.

How to Cure the Blockbuster Syndrome

BEN SOSKIN: Well, we’re slowly inching through the waste of time that is the spring movie season—meaning that we’re closing

Spring Season at the Loeb

A typical run-through of Top Girls , one of several productions currently rehearsing for the Loeb Experimental Theatre, is initiated

Possible Sunshine in a Plotless Year

BEN B. CHUNG : First off, I want to congratulate you on your Oscar victory. You nailed all of the

Film Review of The Passion of Christ

Directed by Mel Gibson Newmarket Films Gibson’s Film Is a Daring Meditation on Christ’s Sacrifice In Pier Pasolini’s seminal work

All Sussed Out

1. Radiohead – Hail to the Thief (Capitol) Among the most frustrating proclamations of the Bush administration is their insistence

All Sussed Out

Capitalizing on a fellow artist’s death has been, alongside shooting smack and selling out to the Man, one of the

All Sussed Out

A sincere argument for the music video as an art form is inherently problematic. While theater, literature, film and the

All Sussed Out

Unless you somehow chance upon the grislier works of Pier Pasolini in the coming years, Kill Bill: Volume One will

Scholars Challenge Gibson's 'Passion'

A well-respected, influential figure presents radical ideas to the masses in a turbulent era. His revolutionary views rapidly spread, throwing

Film Review

Jack Black is not a particularly funny man. He can pull off a one-liner, and he brightly sustains the Chris

All Sussed Out

Two years ago, the Strokes dropped their debut Is This It: a bomb that was to send ripples of 70s-era

Movie Review

At one point in Identity, a young woman played by Clea Duvall comments that the situation of the movie’s ten