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Union To Meet With Dean Smith

In the few days since Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith responded to mounting financial concerns with

Faculty Discusses Financial Future

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith gave professors their first full briefing on the implications of the

Toby Keith

In his 2005 hit “As Good as I Once Was,” aging country star Toby Keith meets a set of twin

Citing Familiar Issues, Students Prefer Obama

Like most college students across the country, Harvard undergraduates appear set to vote overwhelmingly in support of Democratic presidential candidate

Faculty Express Concerns Over Implementation of Calendar Reform

While the new University-wide calendar is set to take effect in less than a year, several professors expressed confusion and

Faust Warns Faculty On Finance

University President Drew G. Faust began yesterday’s meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences with a 10-minute address on

Mind Games

When the Harvard Quiz Bowl team was winning national championships in the mid-1990s, its leader, an English graduate student named

Smith Letter Looks At Reorganization

In a letter e-mailed to Faculty members yesterday afternoon, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith touched on

Harvard Physicists Work on Collider

Physicists across the globe rejoiced earlier this month at the announcement that the Large Hadron Collider—the gargantuan accelerator of sub-atomic

Dept. Sees Beijing Bounce

Building upon a recent trend, Harvard’s Chinese language classes have been filling to unprecedented levels this week, straining department administrators

Expanded Camp Harvard Spins into Gear

A flurry of new patrons arrived bright and early at the Malkin Athletic Center yesterday, drawing surprise from MAC employees

University To Honor Kennedy

Senator Edward M. Kennedy ’54-’56 will be among 11 honorees receiving degrees from the University, according to a program circulated

Interview: Lawrence H. Summers

Since his resignation in June 2006, former University President Lawrence H. Summers has traveled the world offering economic advice. Closer

Under New Regime, Harvard's 'Tubs' Find a Common Bottom

They called it “Every Tub on Its Own Bottom”—a philosophy of decentralized governance that for centuries gave Harvard’s divisions unmatched

Facing Scrutiny, Harvard To Up Spending

In the face of governmental allegations that the nation’s wealthiest universities are hoarding money, Harvard responded this year by digging