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Welcome to the Big Kid Party

It’s Saturday night. Lady Gaga croons over a pounding dance beat. The heat emanating from the mass of gyrating bodies in the center of the room is near stifling, unabated by half-open windows at its perimeter.


Wedding: Alexander J. Ahmed ’10 and Rebecca J. Morton

Alexander J. Ahmed ’10 and Rebecca J. Morton no longer remember the first time they met, but there’s no shortage of early recollections.

Commencement 2010

Wedding: Hillel Nadler ’10-’11 and Tova S. Weiner Nadler ’10

Hillel Nadler ’10-’11 sat at the piano. As his hands moved back and forth across the keys, he began to sing Sam Cooke’s 1957 love song “You Send Me.”

Commencement 2010

Wedding: Michael Y. Wu ’10 and Y. Jenny Cao ’10

First Class Marshal Nworah B. Ayogu ’10 grabbed the microphone. Before a crowd of more than 1000 at the Senior Soirée last Saturday, he announced the 3-hour-old engagement of Michael Y. Wu ’10 and Y. Jenny Cao ’10. The crowd erupted into cheers and applause.

Commencement 2010

The Should-Haves

Like I said, I’m no Wheeler. To be fair, though, neither is he.

For The Moment

Just The Tip

Free things=good things. Go to the crew intro meeting for a free athletic shirt. Go to the Barker Center Café as it’s closing for free coffee. Go to Lamont café for a free massage from your peers (apparently). Go to the laundry room for free condoms. Go to the career fair for free random shit with company logos. Go to the libraries for free pencils. Go to Mather Lather for free soap. Go to any bulletin board for free thumbtacks. Go to Lowell on Thursdays or Sparks House on Wednesdays for free tea. Go online for Freeze magazine. Go to the Democracy Center for freedom. Go to MIT for freaks. And don’t go to Harvard if you want to save money. — Charles R. Melvoin

For The Moment

Love It: Ice Luge

I remember my first time. There it sat, centered on a long wooden table, glistening in the low light of The Crimson’s Sanctum. I approached. The senior manning the operation asked me if I would like to try it out. I smiled demurely. “I’ve never done this before.” He smiled back. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”


It’s baaaack! Harvard Porn Mag Hits the (Virtual) Newsstands

The long-anticipated time has come. Harvard’s very own porn rag, Diamond Magazine, has released its second—well first “official”—issue, a sample ...

Drinky Drink

Drunk Jenga Assign various Jenga pieces with tasks such as: chug one beer, take one shot, give a beer, finish

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Building the Public Domain

This week , in addition to the 15 Hottest Freshmen , FM brings you a behind-the-scenes look inside Harvard Law

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Now we bet you want a Sidekick

Did you miss the Lady Gaga concert in March? Not to fret, because our new favorite diva is coming back

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15 Questions with Sara Bareilles

This week Fifteen Minutes sits down with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sara B. Bareilles to chat about college, love songs, and bird

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Simon Rich '06-'07 Takes on Octomom

Here at FlyBy, there is little we love more than stalking the illustrious alumni of the College. Today, while perusing

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Riding Alongside the Polo Team

The Harvard Polo Club--a group of rich kids who like to play with horses and wear tight, white jeans for

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Get Out!

It's the weekend--Leave your room, have some fun! 1) TAKE ME TO ASIA... ...or to Lowell Lecture Hall where the