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Home Is Where Your Class Is

Maybe misery just loves company. But when I realized on Housing Day that I was Quadded, I began to wonder:

DISSENT: A Misplaced Priority

Gender-neutral housing is not an altogether bad idea. Though unconventional, it expands student choice in living situations, and if living

Both Hands and a Flashlight

“Interested in ORGASMS? Care about WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT? Ever wanted a place where lots of DIFFERENT types of women could just

Murder He Didn’t Write

Before the national media outcry about its content, O.J. Simpson’s new book “If I Did It” was scheduled to hit

The Mirage of the Maverick

CORRECTION APPENDED On Thursday, Nov. 16, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) created his presidential exploratory committee and began what will likely

Phi Beta Kappa Inducts 48 Students

Linnea N. Meyer ’07, one of this fall’s Phi Beta Kappa inductees, offered words of hope yesterday for the first-years

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Hiding in the Conservative Closet

It starts out slowly but then picks up speed. First, it’s just a few references to the Daily Show’s latest

Thai Students React to Civil Coup

While the Thai people wait to see whether their country’s military returns power to a civilian government by next week—following

The Band at Convocation

Class of 2019: Beliefs and Lifestyles

Administrators on the Stage

Class of 2019: Academics & Extracurriculars

The View of Convocation

Class of 2019: By the Numbers

Sorry, Dorothy

Sorry, Dorothy