Emily C. Graff



Care to witness a stage spectacle complete with glitter pantsuits and choreography worthy of Broadway? No, it’s not “Mamma Mia,”


Guns n' Roses

Shawna L. Sinnott ’10, a midshipman in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) who plans to join the Marine


Harvard Garners Recycling Award

Harvard: famous for exclusive admissions, a large endowment, and recycling. The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) awarded Harvard its


Free Coffee Hours to Coffee-Free Hours

“It’s free?” asks a student, hovering at the register. “You’re all right,” replies Dorothy E. “Dottie” Melin, supervisor at the


Freedom of Exchange

Meet Nathanael G. Mason. His clipped British accent may throw you for a loop. No, he’s not a redcoat who


Hef’s Got Nothin’ on Harvard’s Hottest Heir

It was about 4 a.m. in Zagreb, Croatia when a tremendous noise woke Miran Pavic ’09 from his sleep. “The


Another Side of Faust

CORRECTION APPENDED A unanimous vote on a mildly chilly Sunday confirmed what the Harvard community had suspected for days—Dean of


Julie W. Chu

Being named one of FM’s Most Interesting Seniors can’t be too much of an honor for someone who already holds


Sidebar: Success in the World of ‘Macho-boy Math’

Last year, Kelley Harris ‘09 survived Math 55, even though she lacked one of the class’s common denominators—a Y chromosome.


15 Questions with Peter Blake

According to television’s Dr. Gregory House, everybody lies. But nobody lies to FM. Peter Blake ’91, writer and supervising producer


Golf Simulator is a Hit

Tucked away in the Murr Center, at the end the squash courts, there is a little piece of Pebble Beach,


Instant Entertainment in Allston

What do Bill Gates and Edwin H. Land have in common? Both are innovators in their fields. And both are


Designer: Maya E. Frommer '07

THE PREP “Shopping involves a cost-benefit analysis: think about the future, economize resources, and maximize awesome,” says Maya E. Frommer

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This Is CS50.

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Visual Arts

Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Visual Arts

Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven