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Upperclassmen Flock to Gen Ed

As the College looks to juggle the transition between its old Core curriculum and the new General Education program meant

Dean Smith To Release Detailed Finance Report

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith plans to send a letter within the week advising departments on

Harvard Faculty Council Backs New Undergraduate Stem Cell Concentration

The Faculty Council unanimously approved a proposal yesterday for a new concentration focusing on the development and regeneration of the

Faculty Council Renews, Reshuffles Key Positions

With a new secretary and parliamentarian in line, the Faculty Council announced yesterday that it would reshuffle some existing positions

Fac Council Changes PI Rules

Steven C. Wofsy, professor of atmospheric and environmental science, presented a proposal at yesterday’s Faculty Council meeting that would reform

Faculty Council Welcomes Five New Members at First Meeting of the Year

At its first meeting of the 2008-2009 academic year, the Faculty Council—the 18-member governing body of the Faculty of Arts

Faculty Council Proposes Quorum Change

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will decide next week whether or not to lower the quorum required to pass

Professors Find Differents Uses for Textbook Profits

Since N. Gregory Mankiw returned to Harvard to teach the College’s introductory economics class, 2,278 students have filled his weekly

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Taking a Finer Look At Course Evaluations

They have sent pleading video messages, posted snazzy flyers, and mailed personalized postcards. With a polished advertising campaign in full

Reading the Signs

By Benjamin M. Jaffe Although the acoustics in Sanders Theatre may be perfect for concerts, Sanders is not the ideal

DAPA Sponsors Two-Day Rock Climbing Event

Over 160 people—from professional climbers to members of the Rugby team dressed in drag—crammed into Lowell basement on Friday and

Global Warming Targeted

One Harvard researcher is devising a plan to take on two of the greatest threats to the Earth’s future—acid rain

Pinker Explains the Psychology of Writing

More than 150 people packed into the Fong Auditorium yesterday evening to listen to psychology professor Stephen Pinker explain that

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'Jewbilation' Turns to Sexuality

What Biblical pair do some experts consider gay? What are the top Jewish online dating sites? What Biblical figure’s name

Prof Plans Cell Phone Rewards

Teachers may not be the biggest fans of students’ cell phones, but one Harvard economics professor has embraced them as