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Harvard Square

Quad Shuttle Involved in Accident

About an hour ago, the 10:40 p.m. shuttle to the Quad got into a minor accident on Massachussetts Avenue, right across from the Holyoke Center.

Food and Drink

A New Tavern Opens in the Square

Yesterday night, as we walked past the old Z Square location at 14 JFK St., we noticed something intriguing. The windows were still covered up, no indications of a new business were immediately evident (at least, from where we were standing)...yet there were definitely people inside. We peeked through the door and saw a placard that said something along the lines of "Russell House Tavern closed for a private function." Interesting, we thought. When had a Russell House Tavern opened in Harvard Square?




A Note About Shuttles Tonight

For those who will be traveling to and from the Quad between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. tonight, take heed.

Food and Drink

A New Place to Eat on Holyoke Street

A reader just sent us this tasty tidbit: a new quick-service restaurant might be coming to Holyoke Street.

House Life

The Housing Market Reviews: A Prospectus

Around this time every year, a crucial question looms over campus. Everyone wants to know, claims to know one thing—which of Harvard’s 12 residential Houses is the best?

Food and Drink

Bartley's Window Smashed

Around 10:40 p.m. yesterday, one of our correspondents walked by Bartley's and noticed that the front window had been shattered. As we reported earlier, the window was boarded up by 12:27 a.m.


Some Tools to Make Shopping Easier

If you're one of those people who finds shopping week way more stressful than it should be, here are two tools to make your life a little easier.

House Life

Which Dining Halls Are Open?

Just got back to campus and need to grab a meal? Check to see if your House dining hall is open yet.


Why You Should Choose Yale: The Musical

A few days ago, we reported that Harvard's latest attempt to entice prefrosh involves changing the name of the "April Visiting Program" to something more fun. This weekend, we found out what our friends in New Haven have been working on: a lusciously filmed, perfectly choreographed admissions video that makes getting an education at Yale seem like just another a day at Disneyland.



House Life

Pfoho Celebrates a Victory

Have you ever seen a House Master in a polar bear costume pretend to maul some fake Kirkland students? Well, in this post-House Life Survey world, you better be ready for anything.

House Life

Cabot House Masters Say Adieu

Does no one want to be a House Master anymore? Three days ago, Eliot House Masters Lino Pertile and Anna Bernsted announced that they will be stepping down after a ten-year tenure. Today, in an e-mail to their House open list, Cabot House Masters Jay M. Harris and Cheryl L. Harris said their good-byes.

Eldo Kim

News Analysis: Could Eldo Kim Return to Harvard?

Protestors on Mass Ave

Seen and Heard: Harvard's March Through Cambridge

Track and Cross Country

Decorated Thrower Looks To Continue Success


Reconstruction 3.0