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HBS Summit Talks Economy

Business leaders from around the world lamented economic inequality and the challenge it poses to market capitalism on the second

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Harvard Business School Marks 100 Year Anniversary

A 100 years ago, Harvard Business School opened its doors with the intention of training the next generation of business

HBS Study Shows University Endowments Weather Market Turmoil

Despite the market turmoil of the past year, university endowments have tended to perform well, an unusual point explored in

HBS Event to Celebrate 100 Years

From the CEO of JP Morgan to Microsoft founder Bill Gates to the finance minister of India, Harvard Business School

Study: Younger Children Better At Talking Race

Young children have no trouble discussing issues of race while young teens, influenced by social taboos, avoid the topic in

Markets, By Way of The BCS

Football is not just for jocks, as Harvard Business School Professor Alvin E. Roth showed by using college football bowl

Turkey Runs Afoul of Biz School

Business School students have a lot on their plate, from case studies to recruiting events, but occasionally a troublesome turkey

Ex-Rival Says Palin Lacks Substance

Hundreds of students gathered in senior suites and House common rooms last Thursday to watch the showdown between Republican vice

HBS Names First Life Sci. Fellows

Eleven Harvard Business School students—including prospective entrepreneurs in the fields of medical engineering and health care strategy—received this year’s HBS

At HBS, Doing Good—Not Just Well

With the financial crisis leaving many Wall Street job opportunities in limbo, Harvard Business School’s prospective masters of the universe

Professors Criticize Plan for Swift Bailout

Even as economists, government officials, and Wall Street executives try to get a handle on how the economic crisis grew

Lehman Seniors Left in Limbo

The recent market turmoil has directly affected the career paths of Harvard undergraduates who spent their summers interning at many

Harvard Professors Address Finance Fears

Financial experts discussed issues ranging from the causes of the current economic crisis to its potential ramifications at a panel

Professors Plan Bear Stearns Case Study

Six months after the events that led to the collapse of Bear Stearns, two Harvard Business School professors are working

HBS Dean To Join Blackstone Board

The Blackstone Group, a New York-based private equity powerhouse, announced yesterday morning that Harvard Business School Dean Jay O. Light