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Giving Raw Food the College Try

I began to worry after I’d eaten my seventh banana in two days.

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Can You Handle Some Reindeer?

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” —Brillat-Savarin


Professors Who Rock Harvard

When History Professor Niall C. D. Ferguson begins his lecture at 10:07 a.m., he abandons the podium, choosing instead to ...

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Meals on Wheels

Food is every bit as prone to trends as fashion. Just as thigh-high boots are having a moment on the

Classy Eating in the Square: Tapas, Thai, Foie Gras, and Clam Chowder

RIALTO Parents in town? Relationship milestone? Rialto is a tried-and-true destination that is classy without being stuffy. Here, Chef Jody

Ruggers Recall Historic Win

The 1984 Harvard Rugby Football Club was so busy raising the money to compete that its players did not see

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Class of 1984: Philip A. Falcone

Philip A. Falcone ’84, founder of Harbinger Capital Partners, was crowned the “Midas of Misery” by BusinessWeek after he made

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Food with Lingbo Li '11: Cuisine with a Kick


Cuisine with a Cranium

It was about as big as a White Castle slider patty. It was crowned with the bright yellow of poached

Harvard Food Critic, Lingbo Li, Eats Brains
Food and Drink

Harvard Food Critic, Lingbo Li, Eats Brains

Email List to Provide Bargains to Students

Harvard Square’s­ recession-pinched businesses are now targeting students through a new e-mail list launched by student-run business Unofficial Tours. The


Spicing Things Up

I had eaten everything from vegan bacon to blood sausage. Now it was time to seek a new holy grail

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Japanese Market To Close

Sushi grade octopus will no longer be a T ride away come May 10, when the Japanese grocer Kotobukiya will


The Congee Chronicles

Oh, gritty, greasy joys of Chinatown. There is nothing more exhilarating than shoving through a horde of protesting Taiwanese ex-pats

Square Shops Embrace Twitter

It was a strange sight in Harvard Square—a tree outside of Peet’s Coffee had four vouchers for free burgers and