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Visiting Prof. Teaches Screenwriting Class

Over the last three months, the film and television writers’ strike has caused shorter seasons for shows, forced networks to


Crime films abound in Hollywood because they offer rich natural resources in both characters and plots. Writer/director Guy Ritchie seemed

SCREENSHOTS: "Live Free Or Die Hard"

When “Die Hard” debuted in 1988, Bruce Willis established himself as one of Hollywood’s best ass-kicking actors through his portrayal

POPSCREEN: Arctic Monkeys

Skin-tight black leather. Partially-bared breasts. Exposed butt cheeks. Fishnet stockings. Stiletto pumps. Pole dancing. Have I gotten your attention? Or,

Watson Pretentious and Uninspiring

Since discovering the double-helix shape of DNA in 1953, Nobel Laureate James Watson has been a fixture in the news—far

A Spanish Tragedy at the Agassiz

It’s a tale as old as time: two households, both alike in dignity. From “Romeo and Juliet” to “West Side

Foo Fighters

In a bold break with their own tradition of high-powered guitar riffs and earth-shaking drums, Grammy winning rockers the Foo