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Bolaño’s Quiet Terror

A new era of literature began and was buried before the English-speaking world could blink. Roberto Bolaño was the last

Dinosaur Jr.

There was something different about the resurrection of Dinosaur Jr. even from its abstract beginnings. Before Pavement brought the slacker

The Frontiers of American Tragedy

“He lived in the Hotel Coma—named perhaps for some founder of the town, some California explorer or pioneer, or for

Johnson Does Noir

“When she got to her feet, the knees of her pants were frayed and bits of gravel clung to the

Bob Dylan

“Beyond Here Lies Nothing,” the first song on Bob Dylan’s 33rd studio album, “Together Through Life,” opens with a cool

The Thermals

Since it first reared its head in 1977, punk rock hasn’t come in waves so much as infesations, swarms, plagues


In contemporary film making, the short film has come to symbolize a bookending of sorts for the career of a

'Selling Democracy' Premieres at Brattle

The blossoming of a new European cinema in the decades following the Second World War marked the beginning of a

Condo Fucks

At this point, Yo La Tengo should need no introduction. The Hoboken, NJ trio haven’t been a part of indie

Journey To Mecca

CORRECTIONS APPENDED Maybe the Muslim world is, after all, a mystery to the West. Maybe the two cultures have simply

Animal Collective

For nearly a decade, Animal Collective have built a myth from music that thwarts both a satisfactory musical genealogy and


Conventional wisdom conflates the modern filmmaker with the modern novelist, as both are assumed to fill the role of storyteller.

Top Five Aggressively Insignificant Artifacts of 2008

5. The Pitchfork “Top 500 Songs” Book—Apparently, in the rush to become our generation’s Rolling Stone, the indie-crit tastemaker inadvertently

HFA Glances Back at Conner

The mushroom cloud was the symbol under which the mid-20th century was baptized. As the last great global tumult, the

Rediscovering the Lasting Appeal of American Primitive Music

On the last Sunday in October, the atmosphere in Sanders Theatre resonated with a mixture of mystery and anticipation. The