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And You Thought Harvard Was Puritan...

<p>The art of sexile: It's perhaps the most sacred of all college maxims, the unspoken code of conduct that keeps lusty teenagers and cramped dorm rooms at peace.</p><p>Yet, students at our favorite Medford safety school seem to have had some trouble accepting and adhering to this age-old social decree—prompting administrators to lay down some intimacy rules:</p><p>A new addition to the Tufts student guest policy states:</p><p>You may not engage in sexual activity while your roommate is present in the room. Any sexual activity within your assigned room should not ever deprive your roommate(s) of privacy, study, or sleep time.</p><p>Furthermore:</p><p>Students may allow overnight guests as long as his/her roommate (if applicable) has given permission for this to occur [...] Students may not host more than two (2) overnight guests at a time.</p><p>It's hard to imagine how this will be enforced, although the handbook says that "actions will be properly documented and subject to residential judicial consequences. Any flagrant violation [...] will result in immediate loss of guest privileges for a specified time period."</p><p>See how they're justifying the policy after the jump.</p><p>

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And You Thought Harvard Was Puritan...

The art of sexile : It's perhaps the most sacred of all college maxims, the unspoken code of conduct that

State To Take Over Allston Railyards

Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray announced Wednesday that the State has finalized an agreement to relocate railroad company CSX

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Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, seeking a record fifth consecutive mayoral term, commandingly won a high-turnout preliminary contest last night

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The Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers will commence its eighth round of contract negotiations with University management this

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MIT announced last week that the size of its endowment fell by roughly 21 percent this past fiscal year—substantially better

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The Harvard Allston Partnership Fund, which will award a total of $500,000 in grants to neighborhood nonprofit organizations over five

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Protesters Highlight Health Concerns

Union activists and students at yesterday’s labor rally added to their tried-and-true repertoire of bullhorn blasting and sign waving by

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Harvard Yard...or Shat-On Farmland?

Strolling through the Yard this morning, Flyby noticed what appeared to be many, many dark brown nuggets of feces strewn

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Teed Off at the T

Electrical fires. Near collisions. Passenger injuries. Potential fare hikes and service reductions. FlyBy wonders if there's any incentive whatsoever to

Allston Residents Refocus Agenda

Kairos Shen, the popular chief planner for the Boston Redevelopment Authority, came to Allston last night intending to discuss long-term

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The Charlesview Apartments, a concrete cluster of 213 low-income housing units near Harvard’s long-envisioned Allston campus hub, stands in desolate

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A dozen law enforcement and conflict resolution experts have been appointed to the Cambridge Review Committee tasked with analyzing the

Residents Fear Construction Halt

Construction crews at the Allston Science Complex have dismantled the site’s iconic red cranes and begun to pour ground-level concrete—steps

Interactive Graphic: How The Endowment Affects Harvard's Schools

Hover over each section of the pie to find out how much of Harvard's endowment is devoted to each school.