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Kiss That Class Goodbye

It has happened to virtually every undergraduate looking for an easy core, interesting elective, or fun foreign language course. You

A New Kitchen For HUDS Exec

When iconic Annenberg card-swiper Domna Antoniou took an early retirement package in the midst of a budgetary crackdown last spring

Higher Ed Bill Would End Subsidies to Private Student Loans Lenders and Raise Pell Grant Ceiling

The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009, passed by the House of Representatives last week, will initiate several

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Straus' September Mix

Flybyblog and blockmates (hereby known as The Entourage) were sitting in Adams D-Hall the other night when we had a

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Ask the Gatekeeper!

<p>To the millions of pre-admits, pre-admit families, and kindergarten hopefuls, Dean of Admissions William R Fitzsimmons’ word is gold—gold that will be gracing the pages of The New York Times college admissions blog, The Choice, from September 10-15. Readers are invited to post questions for Fitzsimmons of which (and mind you the posts will likely hit 1,000 before Flyby finishes writing this post) he will answer 2-3 per day.</p><p>Fitzsimmons said he immediately agreed when his long time acquaintance at the NYT, Jacques Steinberg, proposed the idea two weeks ago.</p><p>“It is an opportunity to reach out, what you want to do as an admissions officer is serve the public interest…it also would allow us to answer some of the questions most on people’s minds and try to demystify and demythologize so many urban legends about admissions,” Fitzsimmons told Flyby.</p><p>In our own attempt to help the dean sift through the pages and pages and pages of questions, Flyby chose a few we found most relevant or all-encompassing.</p><p>Read after the jump for a little preview.

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Ask the Gatekeeper!

To the millions of pre-admits, pre-admit families, and kindergarten hopefuls, Dean of Admissions William R Fitzsimmons’ word is gold—gold that

Harvard, Princeton Tie for #1 in US News Ranking

After pulling ahead of Princeton last year to claim the top spot on US News &amp; World Report's list of

Navigating the Harvard Social Scene

If you were admitted to Harvard, chances are that you have a Type A personality. If you were admitted to

Socially Stratified

Mass. Ave. marks the dividing line between “old Harvard” and “new Harvard”. On one side sits the Yard, the President’s

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Bryce E. Nelson

Bryce E. Nelson ’59 took a year to muster the courage to go out for the editorial board of The

Yield Holds Steady For 2013

Seventy six percent of students offered a place in the College’s Class of 2013 have accepted, the Office of Admissions

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A tree grows...behind Thayer

FlyBy went to visit the Dalai Lama’s tree today to try to soak in some holiness, to center ourselves, if

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FlyBy's Job Search

Have you recently taken an ax to your ten-year-old ceramic piggy, only to find the bank’s empty? Maybe you spent

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Free(ish) Food

FlyBy was feeling hungry and a little blue after checking out today's dinner menu on HUDS website. Beef Fajita Fettuccini--from

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Hot Tranny Mess To Hit the Square

The Tranny Roadshow is coming to Harvard! Never heard of it? Don’t feel bad, FlyBy hadn’t either until we read