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Student Life

Massachusetts To Restrict Sales of Four Loko

Massachusetts regulators will soon restrict sales of caffeinated alcoholic beverages, including the popular Four Loko brand drinks.

Student Life

Massachusetts State Regulators To Ban Four Loko Sales

Massachusetts regulators will soon restrict sales of caffeinated alcoholic beverages, including the popular Four Loko brand drinks.


BRIEF: Harvard Affiliates Assaulted in Two Incidents, One Victim Stabbed

Two Harvard affiliates were robbed at knifepoint Monday night, with one victim receiving stab wounds to the arm, the Cambridge Police reported yesterday.

University Finances

Harvard Maintains Triple-A Credit Rating Again

Harvard University has retained its “triple-A” credit rating—the highest possible—from two major rating agencies as it prepares to issue about $1 billion in new bonds next week. The favorable rating allows Harvard to borrow at low interest rates.

Central Administration

University Asks for 5-Year Plans

In an effort to streamline the University’s capital planning, Harvard Executive Vice President Katie N. Lapp has implemented a more rigorous and centralized process for reviewing each school’s building plans.


Graduate Student Robbed at Knifepoint Near Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

A male graduate student was robbed at knifepoint Tuesday night while walking on Broadway past Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, ...

University Finances

Heiress Donates $12M to Harvard Ethics Center

At a time when the moral values of financial firms are being publicly questioned, the widow of a multibillionaire banker has donated $12.3 million in support of Harvard’s interfaculty initiative on ethics, the University announced yesterday.

A Faustian Perspective of "The Social Network"

Drew Faust Weighs in on 'The Social Network'

University President Drew G. Faust said she was tickled by a scene in "The Social Network" that takes place in a fictionalized version of her office in Mass. Hall.


Harvard Pushes Social Media With New Application

When Facebook founder Mark E. Zuckerberg ’06 thumbed his nose at Harvard’s administration and created a social networking site he, now famously, declared “I can do it better than they can, and I can do it in a week.”

Drew Faust

Injunction Against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Brings Harvard ROTC Into Focus

A federal district court judge has issued an injunction against the enforcement of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, raising the possibility that University President Drew G. Faust might move to recognize the Reserve Officer Training Corps on campus.

Harvard Medical School

Internal Changes at Harvard Medical School Departments

Harvard Medical School has eliminated its pathology department and moved two growing departments to other real estate on campus amid pressure to accommodate the space needs of expanding departments, according to a recent letter sent to faculty by Medical School Dean Jeffrey S. Flier.

Harvard in the World

Harvard Diversifies into Dairy

A recent move almost certainly increased the University’s holdings in powdered milk.


Senator Scott Brown Petitions for ROTC at Harvard

Upping the ante in the ongoing debate over the Reserve Officer Training Corps’ status at Harvard, Mass. Sen. Scott P. Brown posted a petition on his campaign web site yesterday encouraging constituents to speak out against Harvard’s ban of the program.

Central Administration

Ivy Endowments Turn Upward

On the heels of an abysmal year for money managers in 2009, university endowment results released in recent weeks show strong investment returns for the year ending June 30, 2010, although different forms of asset allocation have led to significant variations in performance between different schools.

Central Administration

On Tenure, Larry Summers Would Likely Not Have Found Leeway to Return

The Obama administration emphasized Harvard’s policy in its announcement that Summers would resign his post, but many critics publicly wondered whether the University could not have made an exception for someone of Summers’ stature. The answer, University officials and professors said, is no.