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Psychology Department Faces Hiring Woes Amid Faculty Shortage

While many departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences grew during the more financially stable years in the early 2000s—during this time, the Faculty expanded from 589 to 712 members—the psychology department’s size remained static because the department could not find physical space for incoming professors.


Beyond the Bucket

General wisdom is that the best strategy is the knock-and-wait.

House Life

Faculty Considers Core Priorities

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences administration has committed itself to determining its core priorities in preparation for the University’s upcoming capital campaign, FAS Dean Michael D. Smith said at yesterday’s Faculty meeting.


Faculty Notebook: Faust Defends Humanities in Wake of SUNY Albany Cuts

University President Drew G. Faust delivered a rousing defense of the humanities and institutions of higher education, drawing extended applause from the professors gathered at yesterday’s Faculty meeting.

FAS Administration

Smith to Present FAS Fiscal Report

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith may offer sunny news in his report on the school’s finances over the past year.


Outdoor Activity

Cambridge offers a lot, but natural scenery is low on its list of credentials. If you need a change of ...


Dean Smith Shifts FAS Focus From Budget

After leading the University’s largest school through a trying process of closing a $220 million deficit since 2008, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith said yesterday that he plans to focus on academic issues going forward.

College Finance

FAS Awaits Windfall from Harvard Endowment

A week has passed since the University announced a surge in its endowment, but the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has not asserted plans for responding to Harvard’s new-found wealth after two years of rigorous cost-cutting.

On Campus



Scientific Community Considers Academic Consequences of Hauser's Misconduct

Following the exposure of psychology professor Marc D. Hauser’s multiple instances of academic misconduct, the scientific community has quietly set out to review the relevant literature that may have been affected by the researchers’ faulty work.


The Food Behind the Thought

When home, lunch is a comfortable, casual, well-rehearsed affair. I walk the carpeted hall to my kitchen, open the fridge ...


Marc Hauser’s Fall From Grace

All was quiet inside Marc D. Hauser’s Cognitive Evolution Laboratory, perched 10 floors above ground level in Williams James Hall.


FAS Enters Final Stage of Cuts

The coming academic year will pose the greatest budgetary challenges the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has faced since the Great Recession struck in 2008, as FAS Dean Michael D. Smith has predicted over the past few months.


Slavic Professor Dies at 91

Horace Gray Lunt ’41, a revered linguist and philologist who served in the Slavic languages and literatures department for 40 years, died Aug. 11. He was 91.


Hale Explores the Athenian Voyage to Democracy

Modern Piraeus, Athens’s port, is a grungy affair. Food shops sell days-old spinach pies, multitudes of tourists wheel suitcases over the grey grime of the sidewalks, and everything—the spanakopita and tourists alike—sweats from the heat.