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Defending Indentured Servitude

Enforcing the ban on these internships, would even the playing field, but it would do so by reducing opportunity for all.


Nobody Cares About Desiree

This latest obsession with the White House social secretary is product of the delusion that the trifling goings-on of Washington matter to those who live beyond the Beltway.


Nothing to Hide

President Obama's Feb. 27 reauthorization of key provisions of the Patriot Act is the responsible act of a commander-in-chief placing national security before naïve ideology.


More Equal Than Others

It is truly a paradox that those who clamor most ardently for the erasure of divisions between races also advocate most passionately for institutionalizing these divides by granting different groups different treatment under the law.

Sorry Is Enough

“After a certain amount of arm-twisting by Republican leaders, [South Carolina Congressman Joe] Wilson did apologize for his behavior,” wrote

Wrongfully Accused

In Time Magazine’s Dec. 18 issue, John Cloud audaciously proclaimed that “[then-Senator] Obama has proved himself repeatedly to be a

Of the Right, Not Much Left

A germinating meme among what is left of the American right at the conclusion of President Obama’s first 100 days

The Tyranny of Fairness

Perhaps it was inevitable that, with the ascendance of a powerful new Democratic majority in Congress, the putrid carcass of

Just Words

What do “amateurish,” “singsongy,” and “stale” have in common? Apparently, they all mean brown. On Feb. 25, replying to the

Henry Clay Lives

It was a time of great disunion. The country was plagued by an intractable dispute between two snarling factions over

The Church of Atheism

Its standard-bearers swarm across oceans and mountains, propagating a vitriolic doctrine of bigotry and intolerance like a biblical plague. It