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Study Links Poor Health, Violence in Urban Children

A study conducted by Shakira F. Suglia at the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that adolescents who have


Campus Events Honor Earth Day

Harvard students are promoting environmental awareness and celebrating the University’s current green initiatives by hosting a week of events commemorating


Facebook Allows Policy Input

Amidst public outrage over’s storage of user information on its server, Facebook has recently encouraged its users to vote


Library Awards Collection Prizes

Ilya B. Leskov, a first-year student at Harvard Medical School, and Matthew D. Zimmerman ’09 were awarded the Philip Hofer


Sunspots May Cause Climate Fluctuations

Sunspot activity may be a primary factor in climate fluctuations, according to Willie Soon, a researcher affiliated with the Harvard-Smithsonian


SEAS Professor Wins Science Award for Non-Tenured Faculty

An assistant professor at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences won a National Science Foundation award and over


MGH Death Rate Tops State Mean

Harvard-affiliate Massachusetts General Hospital, considered one of the nation’s premier medical centers, has a death rate more than double the

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