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The Midnight Release of "Harry Potter"


Harvard Medical School Professor Among Five Accused of Ghostwriting

A complaint filed with the federal Office of Research Integrity alleges that a group of psychiatrists signed their names to a paper written by a communications firm for a major pharmaceutical company.


One Paper by Harvard Researchers Retracted, Another Withdrawn

The two papers were retracted because material that appeared in one paper had already been printed in the other, a practice contrary to ethical guidelines practiced by scientific journals.


Judge Dismisses Suit Brought Against Harvard Professor Douglas Kiel

The lawsuit alleged that Kiel disparaged a hip protector manufacturer's product by concluding in a study that hip protectors aren't effective, but its dismissal doesn't spell the end of troubles for the professor.




Spud Supporters, Including a Governor, Defend Potatoes Following HSPH Study

Potato supporters, including a state governor, lashed out against a study that found that potatoes were associated with greater gains in weight than many other foods.

Student Publications

And We're Back, Sort Of

You should check Flyby and, where we'll have fresh content on a regular basis throughout the summer.

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Food and Drink

Free Ben & Jerry's on Brattle Street

Zipcar is driving around the Boston area handing out Ben & Jerry's, and it turns out one of its stops today is Brattle Street.

Sights and Sounds: Snow Storm
On Campus

Sights and Sounds: Snow Storm

Student Groups

Coser, Dreznick To Lead College Events Board

Crystal Y. Coser ’12 and Randa S. Dreznick ’12 will lead the College Events Board as chair and vice-chair next year, promising to increase student input and develop more creative events for the student body.

Four Loko Maker Removes Caffeine
Food and Drink

Four Loko Will Go Caffeine-Free

The makers of Four Loko announced that they would no longer include caffeine, guarana, and taurine in their beverages.

Four Loko

Harvard College Warns of Four Loko’s Risks

Harvard health officials issued a warning against the consumption of the Four Loko, which has been receiving nationwide scrutiny.

Student Life

Students, Administrators Talk Stress

Administrators and students explored whether extracurricular activities induce excessive stress and whether the transition to sophomore year can be eased at a Committee on Student Life meeting yesterday morning.

DAPA Panel
House Life

Administrators Discuss Alcohol and Student Safety

Harvard officials fielded questions on the College’s drug, alcohol, and amnesty policies during a panel attended by an audience of about 20 undergraduates yesterday evening.