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Final Club Real Estate

Though most Harvard students have walked by properties owned by final clubs, many have never been inside their million (and in some cases, multi-million) dollar clubhouses. As part of Flyby’s final club series, we’ve profiled club real estate holdings in Cambridge.

Around the Ivies Plus

Homophobia, Sorority Rush Spike, and Accusations of Racism

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around theAncient Eight (and some other schools too).


Gisela Striker’s Exit Casts Program In Doubt

Philosophy and Classics Professor Gisela Striker—who attempted to foster an interdisciplinary graduate program in the study of ancient philosophy during her nearly two decades at Harvard—will retire after the end of this academic year.

Humanities Division

Richard Tuck Sheds New Light on Bentham

Richard Tuck, chair of the committee on degrees in social studies, offered an unusually humane portrayal of Jeremy Bentham, an eighteenth-century British philosopher who is often perceived as a cold utilitarian.

Golden Dozen

Dottie Melin, Floor Supervisor in Barker Cafe

In this series, we probe the minds of people around campus by asking them the same set of questions about Harvard and Cambridge life. Want to suggest an interviewee? Leave a comment or e-mail us at DOROTHY A. "DOTTIE" MELIN, Floor Supervisor in Barker Cafe

Final Clubs



To Punch or Not to Punch?

Tonight, Harvard undergraduates found fliers with the following text under their doors, reminiscent of Final Club punch invitations:

Interfaculty Initiatives

University Hosts 30th Annual Celtic Colloquium

Slated to feature the presentations of more than 30 papers on a variety of subjects within the field of Celtic ...

Around the Ivies Plus

Police on SWAT Team, "New Racism," and Duke Sex Scandal

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around theAncient Eight (and some other schools too). After the police raid of a Yale undergraduate party last week at a New Haven nightclub, students attended a press conference this past Tuesday to respond to the police raid. Even though the police department has defended its actions, New Haven’s mayor, John DeStefano Jr. said in an interview with the New York Times that the presence of officers in riot gear and SWAT team was “excessive and inappropriate” and “should not have been part” of the inspection.”


Humanities To Continue Hiring

Departments within the Division of Arts and Humanities are looking to fill holes in their faculty left after nearly two years of reduced hiring in the face of a tight budget.

Student Life

The Women's Final Clubs

To continue our series from Monday, here are the profiles of the women’s final clubs.

Golden Dozen

Kimberly A. Morrissette, Greenpeace Boston Team Leader

KIMBERLY A. MORRISSETTE, Greenpeace Boston Team Leader

The Men's Final Clubs at Harvard
Student Life

The Men's Final Clubs

In order to shed some light on what can otherwise be a mysterious process to enter the final clubs, we decided to put together this series related to all things “punch.”


Police Brutality, Vegetarianism, and the ROTC

The quick and dirty about what's been going on around the Ancient Eight (and some other schools too).