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Harvard in the City

Work Team Recommends Rethinking of Harvard's Allston Expansion

Newly released recommendations suggest that Harvard focus on developing a commercially oriented research park, expanded faculty and graduate housing, and a redesigned Science Complex in Allston.

City Politics

Allston Residents Call for Construction Priorities

Allston residents are calling on Harvard to not start other construction projects while the Science Complex site lies dormant.


Yale Will Get ROTC Unit on Campus

Yale will establish a Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps unit on its campus and begin accepting cadets in fall of 2012.

Central Administration

New Provost Faces Challenges in Allston

Harvard's new Provost faces a bevy of challenges in his new role, including jump-starting the University's Allston development.

Central Administration

The Activist President

Several times this year Faust has trekked down to Washington D.C., put on a smile, and made her case for Harvard.


Queer Community Seeks Support

Some queer undergraduates say that they would like to see a Harvard where the student body and the administration consciously work toward full cohesion between the straight and gay communities.

Harvard in the City

Plans for Allston To Be Revealed in June

The much anticipated mid-2011 recommendations outlining the future of Harvard’s development in Allston will be released this June.

City Politics

As Short Term Planning Proceeds Allston Residents Ask for Clarity on Long Term Vision

Allston Task Force members and community residents expressed concerns about the new renovation plans for the Western Ave. streetscape, a topic that the University has stayed mum on for over a year, at a Task Force meeting Monday night.

Central Administration

Tolerance at Harvard: Students Lag Behind Administration

Harvard has recently made strides to better accommodate the needs of its trans population, but activists say that the University still lacks a tolerant environment.

Harvard Law School

Safe Restrooms: Basic for Some, A Luxury for Trans Men and Women on Campus

With her flannel shirt and short hair gelled into a stiff side part, it’s hard to identify Anna N. Murphy ’12 as male or female.

A Man's Military Dream
Harvard Law School

Due to Ban, Trans Man at Harvard Law School Cannot Serve in U.S. Military

Jack K. dreams of serving in the military again, but until military policy changes, his dreams of serving are likely to remain deferred.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Taps Gordon Jones as Director of Innovation Lab

Gordon S. Jones, a businessman and Harvard Business School admissions officer, has been selected as the inaugural director of the Business School’s Innovation Lab in Allston.

House Life

Harvard Plans to Celebrate 375th

Planning is underway to celebrate Harvard’s 375th anniversary during the 2011-2012 academic year.


Garber Selected As Next Provost

Alan M. Garber ’76, a Stanford professor of medicine and economics, has been selected as the next University Provost.

Central Administration

Stanford Professor Alan M. Garber ’76 Selected as Next Provost

Alan M. Garber ’76, a Stanford professor of medicine and economics, has been selected as the next University Provost, replacing Steven E. Hyman.