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Student Groups

Ribbons Symbolize Awareness

Students knocked on the doors of upperclassmen Houses yesterday to ask residents to hang a purple ribbon in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Student Groups

GLOW Aims To Welcome Students with Multifaceted Identities

Harvard queer students of color have formed “Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever” (GLOW), a new group that, according to its founders, is the first organization to address the interconnected experiences of underrepresented and marginalized identities.


Students and Administrators Light Candles of Hope for LGBT Community

The steps of Memorial Church shone with over 200 candles at last night’s Queer and Allied Candlelight Vigil, where members of the Harvard community gathered to reflect on anti-LGBT sentiment and inspire the people huddled on the steps to action.

Pride Rally

QSA Rallies For Solidarity

Members of the Harvard Queer Students and Allies who gathered yesterday in front of the science center for the “Speak Out” rally for LGBT youth did not do so alone.

Coming Out Rally
Student Groups

Coming Out Rally

QSA member and Crimson editor Ryan Rossner shares the love with fellow students and allies on National Coming Out Day as “I’m Coming Out” blasted over the speakers.


Flags Wave For Coming Out Day

Tiny rainbow flags lined the paths leading to the Science Center yesterday afternoon for the Harvard Queer Students and Allies observance of National Coming Out Day.

Jean Gauthier performs
Student Groups

Today in Photos (10/12/10)

Student Groups

Vigil Recognizes LGBT Suicides

Hundreds of people traded umbrellas for candles last night as they stood in the rain to commemorate the lives lost to suicide due to anti-LGBT bullying and discrimination.


History Professor Discusses Prop. 8

The Radcliffe Union of Students teamed up with Quincy Conversations last night to host History Professor Nancy F. Cott to discuss her research on the changing role of marriage as a public institution and her experience as an expert witness in Perry v. Schwarzenegger.


Male Undergrad Victim of Hate Crime

A male Harvard undergraduate was the victim of a hate crime and robbery on Sunday, according to a Harvard University Police Department crime report released yesterday.


Wedding: Billy M. K. Stallings ’10 and Paul G. Nauert ’09

While the day after graduation marks a new stage in the lives of each member of the Class of 2010, May 28 represents an even more momentous occasion for Billy M.K. Stallings ’10 and his fiancé Paul G. Nauert ’09.

On Campus

Final Clubs: Safe Spaces to Party?

Some of the clubs, including the Phoenix, have taken tangible steps to improve women’s safety, such as working with the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, or Harvard Men Against Rape. But many students and administrators say that more work remains to make the final clubs—which host a substantial share of the parties attended by Harvard undergraduates—safer spaces.

Student Groups

Educators Challenge Virginity Connotations

Health educators, feminist bloggers, and queer activists gathered at the Rethinking Virginity Conference on Monday to critique American society’s negative portrayal of losing one’s virginity.

Identity Groups

Men Champion Women’s Cause

Feminism is a word that some people wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Though it is sometimes perceived as a unilateral campaign against men, women’s rights and gender equality groups are increasingly presenting it as a movement in which people of all genders can be involved.


OSAPR Faces Sexual Assault on Campus

Late at night—as often as two or three times a week—Sarah A. Rankin, the director of the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, wakes up in the dead of night to the ringing of her cell phone.