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City Politics

Cambridge Citizens Petition for Sign Limitations

Save Our Skyline, a recently formed coalition of Cambridge citizens, started a petition last week to block parts of a City Council ordinance that the group says will result in the placement of large corporate signs on the city’s skyline.

Cambridge City Council

City Council Debates Proposal About Building Signs

The Cambridge City Council debated at yesterday’s meeting whether to pass a proposal that would allow certain companies to post signs on the exterior of their buildings with the permission of the city.

City Politics

Cambridge City Council Discusses Two-Year Goals

The Cambridge City Council met for a roundtable discussion last night, the first of four meetings to decide the city’s primary objectives for the next fiscal year.

Office of Career Services

Teaching Programs Attract Students Looking For Jobs

Whether caught in the frenzy of on-campus recruiting or the whirlwind of graduate school and fellowship deadlines, many seniors this fall are beginning to feel the pressures of planning life after graduation and making career choices.

City Politics

City Council Discusses Housing, Tourism

Cambridge City Council met for the first time in the new fiscal year yesterday to discuss a wide range of issues that have been pressing the city’s residents, including funding for affordable housing in the city and increased summer tourism traffic.


Students Spread Campaign Fever

As the Nov. date for the Massachusetts gubernatorial election fast approaches, many Harvard students and recent graduates find themselves swept up in the excitement of a faceoff featuring two alumni: Democratic incumbent Deval L. Patrick ’78 and Republican challenger Charles D. Baker ’79.

Cambridge Schools

Taking the School Committee Back to School

Many Cambridge residents had hoped that the induction of a new School Committee and new mayor would initiate active measures against issues currently facing the Cambridge School District: the deepening budget deficit, the perennial student achievement gap, and organizational difficulties.

Food and Drink

On Campus? Well, You Can Stay This Time

Perhaps asking you to leave campus to attend events was crossing the line. Maybe the arts exhibitions were not worth the T-ride. So we have another event for you, one that’s right here on campus and involves free food—locally grown, organic free food!

Cambridge Schools

School Committee Pushes Locally Grown Food

The Cambridge Public School Committee pushed through a joint motion yesterday calling for the use of locally grown food and encouraging progress reports that assess the environmental impact of the policy goal.


Will Smith To Produce Biopic on Harvard Prof

The scholarly expeditions undertaken by modern-day explorer and Harvard Foundation Director S. Allen Counter will be featured in a biopic produced by actor Will Smith.


On Campus? Well, Get Out.

If you don’t remember the last time you left the Square, it’s probably because, well, you just haven't. For an inexcusably long time. The sort of time that traverses past spring semester, the barren terrain of J-Term, and maybe even those deceptively serene days following fall move-in day. Get the point?


Alleged Cocaine Dealer Arrested Near Elementary School

An alleged cocaine dealer was arrested on Monday within 1,000 feet of the King Open Elementary School and charged with cocaine trafficking and drug violation near a school or park, the Cambridge Police Department announced.

Commencement 2010

Expos Revised: Addressing Varied Writing Skill Levels

According to The Crimson’s 1985 coverage of this expos class—then called Expos 5 but now known to students as Expos 10—writing program officials intended it to give some students for whom English is a second language, as well as students with significantly weaker writing backgrounds additional instruction to prepare them for college-level writing.

Ethnic or Cultural Groups

BMF Honors Former Cambridge City Mayor E. Denise Simmons

The Harvard Black Men’s Forum honored former Cambridge Mayor E. Denise Simmons yesterday during the group’s 16th annual Celebration of ...

Student Groups

Mission Hill Program Teaches Local Youth

Managing a room full of rowdy children—all between 9 and 11 years old—on a hot Thursday afternoon may seem like the work of a trained professional, but as Mission Hill After School Program volunteer E. Jordan Taylor ’12 steps into the classroom on the Wentworth Institute of Technology campus, she transforms from student to disciplinarian without missing a beat.