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Marriage: Anna R. McKenney ’13 and Shawn W. McKenney

"Long-distance relationships are tough, but they can be worth it. They can work out. Initially, we weren’t going to date because I was going to college, but it ended up working out."


Engagement: William N. W. Forster ’13 and Racheal S. Epstein

There are going to be times when you hurt each other, and there are going to be times when you’re crazy. You just have to work on it. People don’t really get that anymore.


Engagement: Nicholas B. Waldo ’13 and Hannah M. Hostetler

In high school in Alaska, we lived 90 miles apart. The only way to see each other was by flying or ferrying. But you should never write anything off because it seems like a long shot.


Marriage: Lauren E. Faraino ’13 and Kleber P. DeSouza

Kleber was bartending at Grafton Street, and I was a regular there, I guess, and we just met then. So romantic. Should we make up a really romantic story?


Engagement: Esther S. Wu ’13 and Matthew G. Tung ’12

We spend a lot of time together. We’re usually deep in discussion or lost in thought. We also almost always know where the other person is and what they’re up to.


Engagement: Carolina R. Beltran ’13 and Christopher H. Weber ’13

A good friendship makes for a great relationship. That could be a fortune cookie.


Engagement: Allie K. Wunderlich ’13 and David L. Gray

After knowing me for three days, he told me I would make a great wife and mother someday. It wasn’t creepy; it was...a really nice compliment.

A Beloved Building Manager

For 38 Years, Superintendent David Simms Made Winthrop House Feel Like Home

Over the past nearly four decades, there have been few constants in the Winthrop House community. David D. Simms Jr., Winthrop’s superintendent and building manager for 38 years, was one of them.


Winthrop House Superintendent David Simms Dies at 65

David Simms, superintendent of Winthrop House for 38 years, died at Mount Auburn Hospital after falling ill, the Winthrop House Masters wrote in an email to the House community on Saturday. He was 65.



River Charles Ensemble Makes Music Without a Conductor

River Charles Ensemble Makes Music Without a Conductor

Goodbye, My Old Friend
Harvard Law School

Goodbye, My Old Friend



Firetrucks park outside of Eliot House while students, who were evacuated from the House for about half an hour early Sunday morning, mill nearby.



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