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Faculty Notebook: Parliamentarians and All That Jazz

Harvard faculty continue to look nervously at snacks that disappeared from faculty meetings in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.


Garber Prioritizes Library Reform

Having joined Harvard only a few months ago, Provost Alan M. Garber ’76 called reforming the Harvard University Library system his “number one” priority at Tuesday’s meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Harvard Medical School

HMS Alumnus Awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine 3 Days After Death

The Nobel Committee announced Monday that Ralph M. Steinman, Harvard Medical School '68, would share the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Central Administration

University Revises Library Structure

The Harvard University Library will restructure the organization of its 73 libraries, according to an announcement by Provost Alan M. Garber ’76 on Wednesday.


FAS To Revise COI Policies

A new set of regulations that will govern faculty members’ off-campus commitments will be introduced by the end of this academic year.


Former Professor Pleads Guilty For Homicide

After pleading guilty to motor vehicle homicide Monday morning, retired Harvard Law School Professor Detlev F. Vagts ’48 was sentenced to three years of probation and six months of house arrest.

Harvard Law School

Chertoff Examines Gaps in 9/11 Laws

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff ’75 called for Congress to build a legal framework for dealing with the complexity of modern security threats in a lecture on Tuesday.


FAS Deficit Down by Half, to $16 Million

The new deficit figure was revealed at a meeting late last week with Leslie A. Kirwan, dean of Administration and Finance for FAS. Dean of FAS Michael D. Smith is expected to announce the number at the Oct. 4 Faculty meeting, according to FAS spokesperson Jeff Neal.


Budget Relief as Endowment Increases

After two years of concentrating on everything from cutting visiting lecturers to trimming paper supplies, departments are turning their focus back on curricular and academic development.


98 Percent of Students Switch to Gmail

In the three weeks since Google began hosting @college webmail accounts, 98 percent of the 5,610 students using @college email addresses made the switch.

Harvard in the World

Jeremy Stein Champions Broad Regulation

Stein has staked out a series of positions that fall to the left of the Obama administration’s economic policy, which may make it difficult for him to gain confirmation before the Senate.


Email Misdirected in Switch to Gmail

During the transfer of Harvard @college email accounts to new Google hosted accounts, a handful of students received emails from individuals who share their surname, raising privacy concerns for some who chose to switch email systems.


Letter: Harvard's Hauser Inquiry Undermined Scientific Process

The letter attacks the scope of the inquiry into Hauser’s research and insinuations that Hauser’s body of work has been thrown into question by the investigation.


Academics Level Criticism at Harvard Over Handling of Hauser Inquiry

A group of prominent academics are circulating a letter criticizing Harvard’s handling of the allegations leveled at Marc D. Hauser.


Embattled Professor Marc Hauser Will Resign from Harvard

Hauser's resignation from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences ends a career at Harvard that began with promise but was marred by a research misconduct investigation.