Shaomin C. Chew


A Change of Appearance

Wearing the hijab taught me a lot about the ways through which we construct and express our identity.


The Ease of Misinterpretation

The ease with which we misread not just pictures but conversations, people, events, and other things that occur in day-to-day life shows us how quick we are to make assumptions.


The Fate of Science



IOP Polls Show Drop In Obama Approval

Exit polls from the 2008 presidential election placed support for Barack Obama at 66 percent from the 18-29 year old demographic. However, a new national poll conducted by the Harvard Institute of Politics shows that his initial popularity with the younger generation may have dwindled since he began his term.


Accio! Museum of Science Summons HP

For everyone who has eagerly awaited a Hogwarts acceptance letter since the summer of their 11th year, "Harry Potter: The ...


"Do It Yourself" Does Empathy Well

“Do It Yourself,” Damián Ortega’s new exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, is so densely packed that at first

Dance at the fair

Survey Part I: Get To Know Harvard’s Class of 2018

Freshman Survey Cover

Class of 2018: By the Numbers


An Evil Woman

Academic Fair at the Plaza
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