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Student Life

Activist Stresses Personal Costs of Cutting Birth Control Funds

Andrea Miller argued at a “Women’s Week” event yesterday that a woman’s right to control her body transcends financial concerns.


Kudzu Does Not Heighten Intoxication

A recent study by Harvard-affiliated researchers revealed that kudzu—an herb found to reduce alcohol consumption—does not work by increasing the intoxicating effects of alcohol so that individuals get drunk faster.

A Glimpse Into Harvard's Loomis-Michael Observatory
Student Groups

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Atop the Science Center, a telescope with a colorful past sits nestled in a cozy observatory where generations of visitors have both studied and socialized

A Glimpse Into Harvard's Loomis-Michael Observatory
Sciences Division

A Glimpse Into Harvard's Loomis-Michael Observatory

Student Life

"On the Move" Gets Harvard Going

Ted “Barefoot Ted” McDonald was 87 miles into a 100-mile race in the Copper Canyons of Mexico when he stopped ...


Harvard Scientists Control Minds of Worms

To the extent that a worm smaller than a pinhead has a mind, Harvard scientists have shown that they are capable of controlling it.


University Moves School Start

The University has shifted the start dates for fall classes over the next seven years to minimize disruptions caused by the Labor Day holiday and to alleviate the “compressed pace” of the fall semester, according to an e-mail sent to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences community yesterday.

College Life

Gen Ed Ethics Classes Attract Crowds

Several Ethical Reasoning classes have proven surprisingly popular this semester.


Science and Art Mix in Trento, Italy

Optical illusions in theatres, old Roman streets, and even the Vatican were just one way that Harvard students engaged with life in Italy.

Commencement 2010

Harvard Resists Reagan’s ’85 Budget

The winds of budgetary change rippled menacingly after the Reagan Administration proposed cuts to federal financial aid and research funding for scientists.

Commencement 2010

The Conan We Knew

From running the Lampoon to hosting The Tonight Show, there are things about O’Brien that have never changed.

Harvard Law School

Samantha Power Encourages Law School Grads to Master Uncertainty

Harvard Law School graduate and national security expert Samantha Power urged the Law School class of 2010 to heed their moral compasses and remember that everyone is battling a “batcage” of insecurities—no matter how confident they appear.


Will Speech Fade?

Ever since Rebekah Maggor came to Harvard in 2004 to help international students with classroom communication, she has been expanding the public speaking resources available to the Harvard community.


Students Design Slavery Course

A Sociology course about modern-day slavery designed by undergraduates will be taught next spring by Sociology Professor Orlando Patterson.



Nicole K. Casart ’13 (left) and Jasmine K. Casart ’13 (right)