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Put a Little OWAW Into Your J-Term

Amidst the end of the year whirlwind of finals and papers, there remains a light at the end of the tunnel: J-Term. Use these six weeks carefully, it will be the only time during the academic year in which an excess of sleep, food, television, and sunlight won't prompt automatic guilt. But in case you feel like abdicating your beach chair and sunscreen a little earlier this year, we've got a round-up on all that OWAW can offer you from Jan. 16-23.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Launches $30M Primary Care Center

Harvard Medical School announced today the launch of a new Center for Primary Care, funded by a $30 million anonymous gift, that will serve as the focal point of the Medical School’s campaign to devote attention to primary care.

Harvard Medical School

HMS Expands, Adapts Immunology Program

Harvard Medical School will expand and reorganize its immunology program with a new multifaceted initiative.


‘The Challenge’ Seeks Diabetes Cure

“The Challenge,” which had been two years in the making by two Harvard faculty members, asked participants in February to answer the question, “What do we not know to cure type 1 Diabetes?”


Students Assess Quality of Health Care Facilities in Tanzania

This past summer, four Harvard students traveled to Tanzania to work with the private medical sector and propose ways to improve the quality of health care offered.


HMS Seeks Work Limits

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will consider a petition filed in part by two HMS professors to lower the nationwide limit on the number of hours that medical residents can work each week.


Harvard Stem Cell Scientists 'Disappointed' with Court Ruling

A federal judge’s decision to block the Obama administration's stem cell research expansion efforts was met with surprise and disappointment by Harvard scientists, who say that the ruling brings back the harsh restrictions enacted by the Bush administration on human embryonic stem cell research.

Commencement 2010

Locked Up: CUE Editors Claim The Administration Censored Their Content

Although Okun emphasized that the editors were committed to accurately reflecting student opinions in their write-ups, Harvard administrators demanded changes to the contents of the 1985 CUE Guide that would ultimately alter the administration of course evaluations and the interactions of faculty and students within the larger University community.

Central Administration

Bunting Strengthens Harvard-Radcliffe Ties

While growing up in Brooklyn, Mary I. Bunting-Smith’s mother would sometimes tell her, “Thee is a funny little girl.”

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Lecture Explores Cancer Treatments

A series of proteins that bind to other proteins and may serve as viable treatments for cancer patients.

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The Weekend Roundup

All dressed up with no place to go? With our Weekend Roundup series, you'll always have plans for your two ...

Social Sciences Division

Panel Unites Social Scientists

A collection of scholars presented what they believed to be the most challenging unsolved problems in the social sciences during a panel held in the Northwest Science Building on Saturday.

On Campus

Weekend Roundup

All dressed up with no place to go? With our new Weekend Party Roundup series, you'll always have plans for ...


Weekend Roundup

All dressed up with no place to go? With our Weekend Roundup series, you'll always have plans for your two favorite nights of the week. Returning from exotic spring break locales means getting through a hard week of adjusting to the life and times of the daily Harvard routine. A lively weekend is in order if you've made it to 5 p.m. Friday and we've found at least one party, as well as quite a few shows, that promise not to disappoint.

Inside Harvard Medical School's Family Van
Harvard Medical School

Inside Harvard Medical School's Family Van

Black Lives Matter Protester

Demonstrators Continue 'Black Lives Matter' Campaign in Central Square March

Harvard Stadium

Boston Olympic Bid Names Harvard Venues as Hosts for 10 Events

Conflict at the Scene

Med School Professor Dies After Brigham Shooting

"Shut It Down"

The Top 10 Stories of 2014