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TFA: A Corporate Approach

Teach for America's recruitment structure simultaneously appeals to students’ altruism and more selfish concerns: earning something competitive, and also commendable. At Harvard, where recruitment is even more aggressive than at most colleges, students are taking the bait.

Summer Postcard: The Kumasi Markets
Summer Postcard

Summer Postcard: The Kumasi Markets

Summer Postcard: Where Opposites Meet
Summer Postcards 2011

Summer Postcard: Where Opposites Meet

Summer Postcards


Harvard in the World

Newly-Established Peace Corps Draws Students

Kennedy’s establishment of the Peace Corps attracted Harvard students, drawing attention away from service programs like the Harvard African Teaching Prospect.


Discovering Harvard's Changing Social Fabric

During the Class of 1961's time at Harvard, the College began a number of programs aiming to increase the diversity of the traditionally white, New England-centered student body.


Peter B. Benchley

After the incredible success of his novel “Jaws” and the iconic Steven Spielberg film he co-wrote, the novelist spent the rest of his life promoting marine conservation.

Roving Reporter: White Panda
Harvard Yard

Roving Reporter: White Panda

For The Moment

Coffee & Coffee, Date

You may have noticed the new labels on your d-hall’s coffee dispensers, but you probably don’t know their stories.


Harvard Wants You

At Harvard, an increasingly international student body faces both opportunities and challenges.

For The Moment

Bad Trend Alert: Birthing Imagery

Warning: This might get a little bit graphic. Maybe that’s why I don’t like birthing imagery.

timmerman journal playboy bunny

J-Term Journal: Dinner with the Centerfold

What could Kim and I have in common? My bunny passed away years ago. Besides, I’m not accustomed to this ...

Fifteen Most Interesting

Sherry Gong

Sherry Gong ’11 is brilliant with numbers. She is, after all, headed to New Orleans this January to receive the ...

On Campus

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stuck in Cambridge over Thanksgiving weekend? Never fear. In the absence of crazy Aunt Annie’s post-turkey tableside rants or Grandma ...

Harvard in the World

Harvard In Congress

Be nice to that overeager Gov 20 section guy, for like many on Congress’ current roster, he may someday take ...