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Summer Postcards 2011

Chile's Got Talent

I learned, too, that Chileans were just as eager to celebrate a train wreck of an audition—that of the breakdancing mime, for instance—as they were to celebrate a glorious success.

For The Moment

Ten Things to Talk About This Weekend

1. “Text-talk” is now official, and the Oxford English Dictionary has just gotten a little bitchier, adding “WTF,” “LOL,” and ...

For The Moment

Ten Things to Talk About This Weekend

1. Mike Tyson has switched to featherweight, focusing his energies on pigeon racing. The former champion is also a vegan—according ...


Poetics of Taxonomy: Nabokov’s Butterflies

"Did I ever mention that her bare arm bore the 8 of vaccination? That I loved her hopelessly? That she ...

Fifteen Most Interesting

Charlie Albright

Before reading period last semester, Charlie Albright ’11 was not only juggling a full course load, but also a full ...

Mean Girls Party
For The Moment

Party Like a Mean Girl

“You may think you like someone, could be wrong.”

In The Meantime

Death of the Hipster

Last week, New York Magazine published a feature entitled “What Was the Hipster?” The article, which suggests the end of ...



If you’re looking for a new way to satisfy that sweet tooth, head to Sofra for some Eastern Mediterranean delicacies. ...

Summer Postcard

POSTCARD: Practical Knowledge

I decided that, at age nineteen, I would finally learn to drive.

In The Meantime

Unwrapping the Senior Gift

According to the Harvard College Fund Web site, “Senior Gift is about coming together as a class and giving back to our college.”

Conversation with Tim O'Brien 2
For The Moment

20 Years Later, O’Brien Reflects

Two decades have passed since the release of Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried,” but this Pulitzer Prize finalist has ...

For The Moment

Reading Between the Pick-Up Lines

Sporting a faux-hawk with a red streak, Jerry Tran may not seem like a man people would flock to for ...

For The Moment

Get out!

1. Spice Up Your Super Bowl

For The Moment

Holiday Drinky Drink


For The Moment

You Go, Girl

Donning a tight pink shirt, a graduate student squirms through an application interview for her post-doctorate program of choice. Her ...