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A huge resource for students in the class (and any Harvard faculty or student interested in social innovation) will be the I-Lab, which just opened its doors this year.


Effects of the East African Famine

In my home state of Texas, we are experiencing the worst dry spell in 60 years this summer–one that has ...


“You Went Where?”

For many seniors, a thesis is a rite of passage to graduation—a last accumulation of work that causes all-nighters in Lamont, camaraderie with fellow writers, and the due-date time stamp when so many can start enjoying their senior spring to the fullest.


Building Schools for Girls

Thirty years ago, girls represented only 38 percent of children enrolled in primary school in low-income countries. Today, that number has grown to 48 percent.


Lead Us Today

Lead Us Today seeks to shift the way of thinking for students in Zimbabwe by providing leadership workshops in schools, teaching kids about social responsibility and helping them design community service projects, and pairing select students with mentors and internships in their field of interest.


A Nation Forgotten


Harvard in the World

Katika Kenya, ‘In Kenya’

The story of how Wema came to be and the difficulties it faces today exemplifies some greater challenges faced by Kenyans, but displays as well the compassionate, tenacious, and thrifty character of its staff members that has allowed them to carry on.

Op Eds

On the African Road

I never thought I would welcome the sight of potholes on a road. A trip in an overcrowded matatu (three-row ...


If You’re Happy and You Know It

What can the Bhutanese youth and Harvard students trained in leadership learn from each other?


Wonder Water

Here in the U.S., we all are lucky to have access to clean drinking water, but many people in the developing world are not so lucky.

No Shave November at Harvard
Student Life

No Shave November at Harvard

Professors as Undergrads: John Dowling and Harry Lewis

Professors as Undergrads: John Dowling and Harry Lewis

Roving Reporter: Tailgate Talk

Roving Reporter: Tailgate Talk

UC Exclusive: Coe-Li
Undergraduate Council

UC Exclusive: Coe-Li


Helping Haiti Help Itself

We should support organizations like PIH and FOKAL that help Haitians help themselves long after the recovery from the earthquake is complete.

Black Lives Matter Protester

Demonstrators Continue 'Black Lives Matter' Campaign in Central Square March

Harvard Stadium

Boston Olympic Bid Names Harvard Venues as Hosts for 10 Events

Conflict at the Scene

Med School Professor Dies After Brigham Shooting

"Shut It Down"

The Top 10 Stories of 2014