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Looking in the Mirror

It is nothing short of demeaning to hear that I could not possibly care about repairing the world because of my Orthodox faith.


Reading, 'Rithmetic, and Religion

Due to its role in fostering pluralism, informed political decisions, and tolerance, a comparative religion course does far more to preserve the fundamental tenets of the United States than undermine them.


The Book of Matthew

Far too often, public discourse on controversial religious issues devolves into shouting matches between skeptics and staunch traditionalists.


Help Me, Rick Santorum

But this is a desperate plea for help, Mr. Santorum. I need you and all of your supporters to help beat Mitt Romney and take down Obama so that we can stop this madness. Together, we can reclaim liberal arts colleges for the sane few of us remaining in this country.


Both Jewish and Democratic

Israel has every right to maintain its Law of Return and its Jewish culture under international law, and the Jewish people have every right to self-determination.


The Forgotten Christians

Given the tremendous optimism expressed by the United States at the start of the Arab Spring, it is hard to acknowledge the reality that Egyptian self-determination has come at the expense of its Christians. But the answer to this problem is not to ignore it.


Understanding the BDS Movement

If you support the BDS movement, you are supporting an organization that is actively working to undermine the Jewish state.


Holding Occupy Harvard Accountable

Before Occupy Harvard set up shop, three sexual assaults were reported to the police at Occupy Wall Street. The threat of rape became so palpable there that the protestors established a female-only sleeping tent that needed consistent guarding from an all-female patrol.


A Year’s Time

Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of September 11, and the date is still nameless.


The Meaningful Life

So for my last column of the semester, before I and everyone else on this campus burrows themselves into Lamont for the day, I want to talk about a baby.


Bin Laden's Death

Introducing our new online Columnist Conversations feature


Let’s Talk About It

At an ordinary interfaith event, these politically charged issues would have probably been willfully ignored. But this was no ordinary interfaith event.


Reclaiming Goldstone’s Missed Opportunity

Goldstone’s retraction allows us to reclaim the missed opportunity of his mandate, and ask the hard questions about appropriate wartime conduct that have so far been sidestepped in favor of political posturing.


Ignore Them This Time

The best way to drown out the hate of Gomes' detractors is to learn more about what made him truly spectacular.


Down With the King

While you’re trekking through the Yard this morning to celebrate Housing Day, the House Committee on Homeland Security will be ...