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Breakfast in America

Over bagels and pastries earlier this month, President Barack H. Obama finally convinced this country that he is not a ...


The Curious Case of Tunisia

A specter is haunting the Middle East—the specter of radical Islamism.


An Exercise in Empathy

I still believe that a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lies more in a “solutions-based” rather than a “rights-based” approach. But part of resolving this strife is making sure that both sides understand the rhetoric and mindset of the other.


Happy Hanukkah, Fred Phelps

So even though the Westboro members may gain some media attention on Friday, as long as we’re able to glean more light than darkness from their appearance, it behooves us to take full advantage of their unintended Hanukkah present.


That’s Why I Chose Harvard

If you seek a college that its admissions office believes is best represented by a group of people pretending to star in a painfully unfunny version of “Glee,” then by all means transfer.


The S-Word

During his recent visit to Indonesia, President Barack H. Obama reiterated that America is not at war with Islam. But we must go even further: America is not at war with Sharia, either.


The Book of Esther

As an Orthodox Jew myself, I understand Esther’s community’s disapproval of her life choices. Nevertheless, there is still much to admire in the way Esther decided to pursue those choices.


God Soup

It’s not just that different religions provide varying answers to the same question, Prothero asserts, but most religions aren’t even asking the same questions.


Seers and Believers

Although religion grapples with deep questions of the human experience in a way that science can’t, religion needs science as a method of understanding the extent of God’s relationship—if it exists at all—with the universe.


The Settlers of Canaan

In order to truly achieve a two-state solution, the Obama Administration needs to implement and present a peace plan that will speak to the fears of both Palestinians and Israelis, settlers included.

Summer Postcard

POSTCARD: Forever Young

To be sure, people in their late twenties to early thirties are far from elderly, but in my myopic, adolescent outlook on life these young professionals can no longer be considered young.

Op Eds

POSTCARD: Saving an Afterlife

Students and academics seem to spend so much time criticizing leaders historically held in high esteem that it is refreshing for once to help set the record straight by repairing a reputation.


Another Brick in the Wall

Like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a whole, the wall surely carries deep moral quandaries, such as, for example, the issue of whether a country can expropriate foreign land and hinder access to health care for another people in order to protect itself.


My Date With Lena

Despite my and Chen’s disparate beliefs about pretty much everything about our own sexuality, we are both able to acknowledge our limits.


The Varieties of Moral Experience

Atheists should not pretend as though they do not inherently take a leap of faith from "is" to "ought."