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Harvard Square

Rain Dampens Passion in Harvard Square

Dozens of couples were supposed to make out in Winthrop Park this past Saturday afternoon—not in random acts of passion, ...

Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash Discusses 'Walk the Line' and Her Memoir

Rosanne Cash, daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash, visited Kirkland House to discuss "Walk the Line," her music, and her new memoir.

Harvard in the World


Harvard in the World

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Student Life

Freshmen Appease River Gods Early

Housing Day Eve and its rituals came a day early this year for a few enthusiastic freshmen afraid of incurring the wrath of both the River Gods and the College administration, which had warned the Class of 2013 the police would be monitoring unsafe activity along the river Wednesday night.


Advil May Reduce Parkinson’s Risk

The anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen may act as a neuroprotective agent against the risk of Parkinson’s disease, according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Henry Paulson speaks JFK Forum.

Paulson Discusses Financial Crisis

Former Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson, Jr. maintained a sense of humor while speaking at the IOP yesterday about the recent financial crisis.


Caitlin K. Cahow ’07-’08: U.S. Ice Hockey Olympics Medallist

It wasn’t always obvious that Caitlin K. Cahow ’07-’08 would go to the Olympics. But she’s competing in her second Olympic games in Vancouver, playing defense for the American women’s ice hockey team after taking home the bronze in Torino four years ago.

Angela Ruggiero

Angela M. Ruggiero ’02-’04: Three-Time U.S. Ice Hockey Olympics Medallist

Angela M. Ruggiero ’02-’04 has medalled in three previous Winter Olympics, worked in commercial real estate, written an autobiography, been fired by Donald Trump on the television show “The Apprentice,” and later turned down a subsequent job offer from Trump.


Students React to Cap on Grades

Six years after Princeton capped the number of A’s its professors doled out, discussion over grade inflation has reemerged on Ivy League campuses.