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Psych. Study Examines Willpower

People gain more willpower to do good after performing a good deed, according to a recent Harvard study.


The Secret in Their Eyes

The real mystery is how this movie ended up snatching any accolades at all, let alone the Oscar for Best Foreign Film earlier this year, and the Goya Prize last year—some of the highest in the industry.


The Secret of Kells

“The Secret of Kells” is enchanting and imaginative. It is funny, at times scary, and always beautiful.

Working Rehearsal


April 2-10


Evangelist Panel Discusses Religion in Politics

At an IOP panel discussion yesterday, several evangelists discussed their religious traditions and questions that arose after the financial crisis.


Fernández Creates a Literary Wonderland in ‘Museum’

"The Museum of Eterna's Novel" is a meta-novel that goes so deep into the swirl of metas that it loses itself, its characters, and us in the process.


Brazilian Migrants Start Anew in Japan

“They should show this to everyone going to Japan,” said Charles D. Teague ’74 as he walked out of the screening of “From Brazil to Japan,” a new documentary directed by Aaron Litvin ’04 and Ana Paula Hirano Litvin, focusing on the new trend of Brazilian immigration to Japan.


Tambellini Discusses Blackness at HFA

Painting, poetry, film, sculpture, humanitarianism, experimentalism and curiosity about the black, curving infinity that lies beyond—these concerns underpin the life and work of Aldo Tambellini.

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Survey Part I: Get To Know Harvard’s Class of 2018

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Class of 2018: By the Numbers


An Evil Woman

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