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Mother-Daughter Maelstrom in Bechdel’s Latest Memoir

Depicting purely mental sequences in a predominantly visual format like that of a graphic novel is never an easy task, and Alison Bechdel sets a high bar for herself in her carefully-constructed, cerebral memoir, “Are You My Mother?”

375th Anniversary

An Advocate for Change

In 1883, Elizabeth Cary Agassiz asked the Massachusetts elite to donate to her controversial cause of ladies’ education.


'Habibi' Gracefully Subverts Orientalist Tropes

At times "Habibi" resembles an Orientalist pastiche stuffed with odalisques and eunuchs, but its scholarly reinterpretation of Abrahamic tales from the Koran turns this saga into a lush commentary on love and lust, wealth and want, religion and storytelling.


Stuck In Traffic, Kalesniko Envisions Fears and Dreams

There is something satisfying about a road narrative; it’s an ancient trope, hinting of westward expansion and independence, fast cars and tragic youth. The antithesis of this would naturally be the traffic narrative, which is unpopular for obvious reasons. Mark Kelesniko’s new graphic novel, “Freeway,” is that narrative.



This 50s-style restaurant near the Kendall Square Cinema—whose waiters are less Beat than hipster and whose soundtrack is more OK ...

Lab Rat of the Week: Shawn Low '11

Lab Rat of the Week: Shawn Low '11

Lab Rat: Cher Heang "Shawn" Low '11

A Ticking Biological Clock

For Shawn Low ’11, time is of the essence.

Lab Rat of the Week: Vijay Jain '11

Lab Rat of the Week: Vijay Jain '11

Lab Rat of the Week: Vijay Jain '11

Lab Rat of the Week: Vijay Jain '11

Vijay Jain ’11 has found a medium in which he can combine his two loves, chemistry and physics.

For The Moment

Senior’s Summa Hits The Shelves

While most senior theses sit untouched on the shelves of Lamont after they’ve been turned in, Chloë F. Schama ’05 ...

Boston Robotics Competition
For The Moment

Robots Ruling the Arena

Last weekend, Boston University’s Agganis Arena was overrun with robots taking part in the Boston FIRST Regional Robotics Competition. Fifty-three ...

Susan Olsen
House Life

Dunster, Leverett, Mather

DUNSTER Susan Olsen Dining Hall Cook FM: What’s your favorite time of the year in Dunster?

team spring break plans
In The Meantime

Making the Traveling Team

In March, several teams are going on pilgrimages. The women’s soccer, women’s rugby, and women’s water polo teams are trekking ...

Harvard Sports Analysts
For The Moment

Scrutinizing Sports

While most students are hunched over their desks, sweating over Stat 100 psets, a unique group on campus gathers together ...

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes