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In The Meantime

Upperclass Eye for the (Straight) Freshman Guy

Freshman males. Even the name sounds ridiculous: one part naïve plus two parts masculine is just like a recipe for ...

Summer Postcards 2011

Very Important Person

Watergate is one of Berlin’s bigger electro clubs, and is harder to get into than most venues in a city known for its democratic nightlife—where you’re encouraged to dress down, where it’s more of an asset to be a gay man than a pretty girl, and where a polo shirt screams dickhead and/or tourist in popular conception.

Summer Postcards 2011


But the Old Continent seems happy to put up with a whole other level of cliché and kitsch—even the earnestly blasé scenesters hardly put up a fight—and suddenly I’m wishing I didn’t speak such good English, because how much fun would it be to sing along to Eurovision with neither irony nor shame?

Summer Postcards 2011


It’s hard to put your finger on that funny feeling you get when you walk around Chinatown. There’s something not quite right, you know, but it’s not really Chinatown you’re suspicious of—it’s you.

On Campus

Song of Myself

The art of spoken word raises questions about the nature and use of poetry and performance.

In The Meantime

Finding the Words

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

The Pinkie Wiggle
For The Moment

In and Around Language: You're (Not) Big in Australia

These are troubled times indeed for male hubris. Testosterone once reigned supreme, free from the twin threats of female emancipation ...


We All Live Here Together: Coming Out at Harvard

Kevin R. came out to his roommate at the end of freshman fall, the night before he left Harvard for ...

Fifteen Most Interesting

Remeike J.B. Forbes

Some friends of Remeike J.B. Forbes ’11 joke that he is the most patriotic guy they know. He is a ...

Undergraduate Council

UC Profiles: Coe-Li

Since campaigning officially began last Monday night, the Coe-Li ticket has been working hard to imprint its message across Harvard’s ...


The Other Public Service

Capt. Paul E. Mawn ’63 is angry. The times have changed on him.


Fast Food

The Bhangra beats bubbling out onto the street, the spicy olfactory haze that wafts around the shopfront, the huge Boston ...

On Campus

Afghan Uses TV for Education, Activism

The Afghan filmmaker and novelist Atiq Rahimi spoke about transnational identity and cultural revolution yesterday in a Humanities Center presentation ...

In The Meantime


Friday morning, 9:15. A hazy quiet fills the streets: most of the college is either sound asleep in bed or ...

For The Moment

What It Takes To Be a Donkey

Anyone who’s seen “The Donkey Show” will tell you: it’s bat-shit crazy. The concept sounds like something from the world’s ...