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Harvard Grads Win Nobel Prize in Economics

Christopher A. Sims ’63 and Thomas J. Sargent have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Harvard in the City

Michael F. Glavin To Leave the BRA

Michael F. Glavin—who coordinated development work with the Allston community and Harvard for the Boston Redevelopment Authority and whose tenure saw the University’s plans for a science complex in the neighborhood halted due to financial constraints—is leaving the BRA later this month to lead the Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development in Somerville.

Harvard in the City

After Troubled Past, Barry's Corner in Allston Poised for Development

Residents say they feel that Harvard’s recommendations for Allston represent a chance for the University to reinvigorate the neighborhood but are worried that history will repeat itself in what they characterize as a perennial exclusion of community members from neighborhood planning.

City Politics

Allston Residents Dissatisfied with City's Role in Planning

Local residents who provide input on Harvard’s expansion into Allston say they are disappointed with the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s community support during the planning process.

Mitton the Magician!
Student Life

Mitton the Magician Visits Winthrop House

Canadian native Mark Mitton astonished a crowd of Winthropians Monday night as part of the Senior Common Room Series at Winthrop House. The magician, known for making Will Smith appear in the middle of Time Square, kept the crowd entertained by changing into fantastical costumes, making cars appear in the most unlikely places, and even teaching the audience members some simple tricks of their own.

Mitton the Magician!

Mitton the Magician!

Color App
Student Life

Photo Sharing App Debuts at Harvard

Color Labs plans to test it new smartphone and Facebook application—an innovative take on visual connectivity—exclusively at Harvard College.

Harvard in the City

New Swiss Bakers Present to Allston

Allston residents munched on Swiss Challah, Pretzel Baguettes, and fresh Swiss Cheese at Wednesday’s Harvard Allston Task Force Meeting, in stark contrast to the serious and often tense tones of past meetings.


Allston Residents Feel Disconnected

One month after Kevin A. McCluskey ’76 stepped down from his post as senior director of community relations for Harvard, the position has yet to be filled, leaving a gap in communication between Allston residents and the University.

Harvard in the City

Harvard Approves Allston Work Team Recommendations

University President Drew G. Faust and the Harvard Corporation have approved the Harvard Allston Work Team’s five recommendations for future University development in Allston.

Innovation Lab
Harvard Business School

Innovation Lab Looks to Help Start-Ups

Speaking before an audience of about 50 students on Thursday, the director of the Business School’s Innovation Lab predicted that the forthcoming Allston facility will reduce the University’s shortcomings in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.


Boston Redevelopment Authority Approves Tata Hall at Harvard Business School

Construction on Tata Hall has gained official approval following a unanimous vote Thursday night by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, which oversees city development projects.

Food and Drink

Allston Farmers' Market Struggles

The Harvard Allston Farmers’ Market—envisioned as part of the University’s outreach into the Allston community—has had trouble attracting customers and vendors.

September 11 Interfaith Conversations

September 11 Interfaith Conversations

City Politics

Tata Hall Construction To Benefit Allston

Members of the Harvard Allston Task Force argued in a letter to the Boston Redevelopment Authority that the Tata Hall project represents an opportunity for the University to develop the community.