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Peter Gomes
In The Meantime

The Little Moments

Gomes, who died on Feb. 28, was not just the Minister of Memorial Church or a world-renowned preacher. He fulfilled a myriad of roles, simultaneously serving as a religious leader, an academic instructor, and a remarkable friend to many.


Poetics of Taxonomy: Nabokov’s Butterflies

"Did I ever mention that her bare arm bore the 8 of vaccination? That I loved her hopelessly? That she ...

In The Meantime

15 Questions with Grover G. Norquist

Grover G. Norquist '78, president of Americans for Tax Reform, which aims to reduce government spending, is an economist and ...

Peter Emerson
In The Meantime

Scholars Among Students

While they might not exactly stand out in the dining hall or common rooms, these visitors are far from your ...

For The Moment

Chatting with Chomsky in Winthrop

From his cushy red armchair in front of the fireplace in Winthrop’s Tonkens room, MIT professor Noam Chomsky answered questions ...

Amy Cuddy posture
For The Moment

Hey Professor!

Amy J. C. Cuddy: Your research shows that body positioning directly influences hormones that affect feelings of power. How can ...

Dance the Night Away at Upstairs on the Square

Dance the Night Away at Upstairs on the Square

Dance the Night Away at Upstairs on the Square
Harvard in the City

Raging at Upstairs on the Square

Last Thursday, couples boogied on the dance floor to a jazz adaptation of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” at a restaurant ...

For The Moment

Art of Motion Takes Flight

Last Friday evening, 20 young parkour and free running artists hailing from South Africa to Indiana scaled walls, jumped over ...