Peyton R. Miller

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Make the Tax Cuts Permanent

Allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire would not solve the long-term deficit problem and could even make it worse.


Status Quo We Can Believe In

Having made considerable gains in both houses of Congress, Republicans will soon undertake their much-anticipated attempt to improve the economy by getting the government out of the way of the private sector.


Pain for Smokers

If the government wants to correct the externality associated with tobacco, it should quantify the externality and impose an appropriate tax.


The Greater of Two Evils

Our energies would be better spent finding concrete ways to improve the living standard of women in abusive relationships who fear for their lives—the real second-class citizens.


A Poor Bet

Policymakers should make the lottery tax explicit, and acknowledge that there are legitimate concerns about its redistributive consequences. Only then will reform be possible.