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Central Administration

University Braces for Heavy Snowfall

The first major snowstorm of the College semester swept into Cambridge last night into today, but don’t count on classes being canceled or University operations shutting down.

Harvard Medical School

Paul Farmer Named University Professor

Professor Paul E. Farmer was named the Kolokotrones University Professor yesterday, joining 22 other professors who hold the highest faculty rank.

On Campus

Mercury Spill Causes Evacuation in Lab

Staff evacuated a computer lab in the basement of the Science Center after a student spilled mercury on a desktop at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Student Life

Harvard Law Students Take Action Against Cure Lounge

Nearly a month after Cure Lounge management shut down a party attended mainly by black Harvard and Yale graduate students and alumni for fear of “local gang bangers” in the crowd, students have taken action to ensure that the club suffers the consequences of its perceived act of racism.


Attorney General Investigates Club

The state Attorney General’s office is joining the Boston Licensing Division to investigate Cure Lounge’s decision to shut down a party for African-American Harvard and Yale graduate students and alumni.

Harvard in the City

Club Denies Racism Allegations

A spokesperson for the Cure Lounge said allegations of discrimination against black Harvard and Yale students at a Nov. 20 party for graduate students and alumni that was shut down were “absolutely baloney,” citing poor organization from event promoters as the primary reason for the club management’s decision to end the event prematurely.


Club Shuts Down Party for Black Harvard and Yale Students

A Boston club shut down a party for black Harvard and Yale graduate students and alumni Saturday night after management said the event attracted “local gang bangers” and potentially “the wrong crowd.”


Students Challenge Government on AIDS at Conference

Harvard students, wearing shirts and holding signs saying “HIV POSITIVE”, demonstrated at a high-profile global health conference in Boston Friday, calling on the Obama administration to fulfill its pledge to sharply increase funding for AIDS programs.


Student Opinions A Top Priority For Coe-Li Ticket

Undergraduate Council presidential candidate Matt S. Coe-Odess ’12 knocks three times on the door. It’s a holiday—Veteran’s Day—so he says he doesn’t expect many people to answer. But he waits patiently, ten seconds, then fifteen, to see if anyone’s home in Thayer 205.


New Book Uncovers How French Art Scene Continued Under Nazi Occupation

Former New York Times correspondent, Alan Riding held a lecture yesterday to discuss his new book, “And the Show Went On: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris,” which gives a glimpse into the response of French intellectuals under Nazi occupation.

Harvard Law School

Supreme Court Justice Steven G. Breyer Speaks to Promote New Book

Promoting his recently-published book, Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer spoke to over 150 undergraduates, law students, and other graduate ...

Ministering US-Pakistan Relations
On Campus

Foreign Minister Qureshi Discusses US-Pakistan Relations

Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi discussed the ways to improve the sometimes-tense partnership between his country and the United States.


Brain Reacts to Mention of Social Alliances

Cambridge City Council
Cambridge City Council

Gates Report Irks Council

The Cambridge City Council expressed concerns about the report on the 2009 arrest of Professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates.

On Campus

Students Push for AIDS Funding

Seventy-five Harvard students urged the Obama administration to pledge $5 billion to fight AIDS at a conference on diseases taking place in New York today and tomorrow.