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Mark R. Parker

Mark R. Parker

Even in a crowded cafe on a Friday afternoon, Mark R. Parker ’12-’13 stands out with his pea coat, perfectly coiffed red hair, and composed demeanor. This—being different—is Parker’s trademark.

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Eight Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date

Dating at Harvard is like a unicorn: you've heard of it, you've read about it, and you’ve probably dreamed about it, but chances are you've never seen it.

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The Man Occupying the Facts

Peter D. Davis ’12 is known to many at Harvard as the “funny guy,” as a member of the comedy show On Harvard Time, the co-president of Harvard College’s Stand-Up Comic Society (HCSUCS), and one half of last year’s joke ticket for the UC Presidency.


Thinking in Another Language

When the first snowstorm hit Cambridge last Thursday night, Professor Emeritus of Japanese Jay Rubin was in Japan, enjoying the sunrise and the balmy 65-degree weather. Rubin is a self-professed lover of Japan; he is best known as the primary translator of Haruki Murakami, the Japanese jazz-bar owner turned best-selling author of 12 full-length novels and short-story collections.

Erika Barris

Fall Fashion

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Roving Reporter: Time for FOOTBALL

Tristan Reed, GSAS

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Yardfest Celebrates its Sixth!

This year marks Yardfest’s sixth birthday. FM tracks the growth and growing pains of this (costly) baby.

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FM Cribs Presents: DG

The Crib


Phi Beta Kappa Names "Junior 24"

The Harvard chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa society will induct its newest members this month when 24 members of the Class of 2012 join the academic honor society, one of the nation’s oldest.

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Harvard Explained: Spring Break in Punta Cana

This spring break, the hottest Harvard party will be relocated from Mt. Auburn St. to Punta Cana, a popular (and ...

Fifteen Questions

15 Questions with Bart T. Stupak

From 1993 to 2011, Bartholomew “Bart” T. Stupak served as the U.S. Representative from Michigan’s 1st congressional district. The pro-life ...


Ramdas Discusses Feminism

Before an audience of about 20 students gathered in Sever Hall, Kavita N. Ramdas, former president and CEO of the Global Fund for Women, argued that injustices towards women continue to affect women, even in the developed world.

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Bonus point for being the only person who knows what "smize" means. Another bonus point for the sling bag that matches his hair color.

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Her gaze is just as fiery as her bright orange scarf. Too bad ANTM has an age limit.

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The Canuck gets points for cuddliness. The smizing eyes, not so much.