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edX spread
Extension School

HarvardX Classes to Begin Tomorrow

Come tomorrow, the number of people taking Harvard courses will grow by over 100,000.



Central Administration

Dust Settles As Library Changes

Leaders of Harvard Library touted the successful integration of Harvard’s 73 libraries into a single University library in an interview with The Crimson Wednesday.

Drew Faust

Faust Addresses Cheating Scandal

In the wake of the cheating scandal that rocked Harvard at the beginning of the school year, University President Drew G. Faust lamented the influence of current societal pressures and their impact on learning during an interview with The Crimson on Tuesday.

Undergraduate Council

Faust: Campus Center a Capital Campaign Priority

A campus-wide student center will feature prominently in the University’s upcoming capital campaign, University President Drew G. Faust said in an interview with The Crimson Tuesday.

Harvard Welcomes Veterans
Central Administration

Student Service Members Facilitate Conversations for Veterans

A panel of Harvard affiliates called on student service members to facilitate conversations with their peers about the role of the military at a welcome ceremony for veterans currently attending the University Monday night.

Food and Drink



Harvard's Endowment Dips Slightly

Harvard’s endowment dipped in value for the first time since the 2009 fiscal year, its investments dropping 0.05 percent and the overall level of endowment funds dropping to $30.7 billion in the 2012 fiscal year.

Central Administration

Faust, Burns Debut Documentary

Harvard administrators and faculty showed up in droves Tuesday night at the premier of the PBS documentary “Death and the Civil War,” based on University President Drew G. Faust’s book “Republic of Suffering.”

ROTC Practice

Army ROTC Training Returns to Harvard

For those who followed ROTC's long road back to Harvard, the symbolic significance of the return of Army ROTC training to the University's campus cannot be measured in miles.

Drew Faust

Faust and Colbert Discuss Civil War and PBS Documentary

University President Drew G. Faust defended the role of the conservative on Harvard's campus during her appearance on "The Colbert Report" Monday evening. University President Drew G. Faust defended the role of the conservative on Harvard's campus during her appearance on "The Colbert Report" Monday evening. Stephen T. Colbert accused Faust of being "one of those smart people who Rick Santorum says that the GOP's never going to attract." He then asked, "Why are you so prejudiced against people who do not value education?" "We see Harvard as a place for education for people who are conservative, people who are liberal, and everybody in between," said Faust, prompting Colbert to ask if Harvard was also "for dumb people." "It's never dumb to get an education," Faust said. "So you're prejudiced against dumb people," Colbert retorted in response to her diplomatic answer. "It's good to know."


Students Warned about Violence in North Africa

Harvard urged students studying abroad in the Middle East and Northern Africa to take safety precautions in response to last week’s unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Faust Embarks on Speaking Tour

Harvard University President Drew G. Faust has fought for immigration rights and brought the Reserve Officers’ Training Corp back to campus. And with the Tuesday premier of “Death and the Civil War,” an adaption of her book, she will extend her presence to the world of TV.

Rubin takes a plunge

Rubin Takes a Dip

Former Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin '60 made a splash at a cocktail party in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday. Rubin, who is a member of the Harvard Corporation—the University's highest governing body—fell into a pool at the party, as recorded in a tweet by Politico writer Lois Romano. The tweet, which appears to have since been taken down, can still be seen on Topsy, a social analysis website that records tweets as a means of garnering information.


Summers Addresses Controversial Statement About Bush-Era Tax Cuts

Former University president Larry H. Summers stirred up controversy earlier this week after his statements on a morning talk show seemed to contradict U.S. president Barack Obama's position on Bush-era tax cuts.