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University Finances

Faust Earned More Than $875,000 in 2010

Jane L. Mendillo, president and CEO of HMC, earned $3.5 million. HMC Managing Director and Head of External Management Andrew G. Wiltshire received $5.5 million, making him the highest-paid official at HMC in 2010.




Senior Survey: The Class of 2012 in Interactive Graphics

Sex, drugs, and consulting: The Crimson presents a statistical breakdown of the Class of 2012.

Central Administration

Clayton Spencer Strikes Out On Her Own, Leaving Behind Long Legacy of Accomplishments

A. Clayton Spencer, Harvard’s vice president for policy, has served as the right-hand woman for four Harvard presidents.


Did Occupy Matter?

The achievement of Occupy’s goals was a result more of circumstance than of action, as the movement estranged everyone from administrators, to freshmen trying to enter the Yard, to even those undergraduates who initially supported it.

Year in Review

Responsible Investment

Because HMC is reluctant to share information relating to its investments, the University’s current approach to investments may be more socially conscious than advocacy groups realize.


Welcome to

EdX represents an opportunity to advance pedagogy by encouraging research and collaboration between institutions of higher learning, with the support of the influential Harvard and MIT brands.

Harvard Business School

Portland Police Search for Missing Harvard Business School Student

Police are currently searching the harbor in Portland, Maine for Nathan G. Bihlmaier, an MBA student at the Harvard Business School set to graduate on Thursday.




Student Coordinators Limited by Yardfest Budget

Students involved in the College Events Board and Harvard College Concert Commission, the two organizations responsible for planning Yardfest, said they were severely limited by their budget.

Higher Education

Harvard and MIT Launch Virtual Learning Initiative EdX

Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced Wednesday that the two institutions will spend $30 million each to jointly launch an online platform that makes lecture videos, class exercises, and quizzes available online to learners anywhere.

Central Administration

Board of Overseers Chooses New Leadership

Richard A. Meserve will lead Harvard’s Board of Overseers—Harvard’s second highest governing body—for the 2013 academic year, the University announced Monday.

Student Life

Faust Comments on Great House War

University President Drew G. Faust addressed the Great House War publicly for the first time since the conflict began weeks ago.