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Julianne Moore, Hasty Pudding's 2011 Woman of the Year

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Making Chocolate Truffles and Mousse with HUHDS


Stomping Out Stem Cells

Stem cells might be capable of fundamentally changing the way diseases are treated; it is critical that the recent federal decision stifling progress in this essential realm of study must not stand.

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Harvard's Iron Chef Competition

Harvard Law School

Greenslate Talks Food Cost, Origin

Christopher Greenslate, co-author of “On a Dollar a Day,” described his month-long experiment in which he limited his daily food budget to one dollar and encouraged increased discussion of the origins and costs of food at an event hosted by the Food Law Society at Harvard Law School yesterday.


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Food and Drink

Farmers' Market at Harvard

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Head of the Charles 2014

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Ignore Congress. Close Gitmo.