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Go Forth To Serve

For those who actually want to make a difference, it’s important to think beyond simply finding a career labeled “public service” by the Office of Career Services.


The 'Cliffe Girl, 60 Years Later

Women have continued to be a bit of an afterthought at this institution, even after joint instruction and coeducation.


Forgetting Barry’s Corner

Harvard’s interactions with Allston have demonstrated that it does not respect its neighbors and its neighborhood.


Wherefore the UC?

Achieving student goals may require working with university administrations, but it may also require standing up to the administration when it doesn’t acquiesce to student demands.

Summer Postcards 2012

Tel Aviv, a Transition

I’m walking in between sea and land, between day and night, between Arab and Jewish. But one thing here is not in transition: the Tel Aviv of today is decidedly not a socialist workers’ utopia.


The Illuminations of Birthright

From its name—“Birthright” implies that all Jews have the right to the land of Israel, while ignoring the Palestinian refugees who have been prevented from returning home for decades—to its itinerary—which includes ventures into the disputed Golan Heights, where participants gleefully take pictures of the ruined shells of “abandoned” Syrian homes—Birthright advances the political agenda of the Israeli and American right.


What Student Protest?

Before a journalist suggests, yet again, that Harvard students never put their feet on the ground about issues they care about, it’s important to point out the impressive nature of this school year’s student activism.


Working Toward a Solution

While we believe that there should be space on campus for discussion of a one-state solution, we are concerned about the inflammatory responses it has elicited from some in both the pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian communities.


What Anti-Semitism?

If American academics hope to contribute to productive discussion about Israel and Palestine on campuses, they must first cooperate and not issue unfounded accusations of racism.


Theory of Occupation

Members of Occupy Harvard and people at other Occupies have had philosophical discussions that center on what some consider a fundamental question of Occupy: Is it a protest or a community?


Mansfield’s Myth of Manliness

Harvey Mansfield propagates outdated, demeaning, and utterly unsubstantiated views on women.


Open Letter to President Faust

A movement rooted in the reclamation of public space and an enhanced engagement with fundamental ideals of democracy and equality has been met with repression and a retreat into exclusion, a breed of fear that is the most regrettable byproduct of privilege.

Columnist Conversations

Student Perspectives on Occupy Harvard

A selection of Crimson editors respond to Wednesday’s night’s Occupy Harvard protest.


End 180:1

One hundred eighty to one represents the ratio of the highest-paid Harvard employee’s salary to the lowest. For a university with a $32 billion endowment, this wage disparity is ridiculous and embarrassing, and Harvard must amend it not only by ensuring good jobs for Harvard’s lowest-paid workers, but also by significantly reducing top executive compensations.

Op Eds

Mourning Has No Borders

By urging all Americans to take emotional ownership over the event, we cast a US-centric and nationalist stance on 9/11 and allows us to emotionally detach from wars taking place abroad.