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Two Years After Warren, Medical School Lecturer To Run for Governor

Donald M. Berwick ’68, a lecturer on health care policy at Harvard Medical School, announced Monday that he will run for governor of Massachusetts in 2014.

Men's Basketball

Spotted: Harvard on

It's not every day you see Siyani Chambers and Laurent Rivard on

Harvard's Newest Final Club?
Final Clubs

Harvard's Newest Final Club?

Students in at least six River Houses found this flyer for “The Pigeon” under their doors early Friday morning. The flyer featured inflammatory language regarding minority students, race, and religion, sparking controversy across campus.

Harvard's Newest Final Club?

Campus Reacts To Inflammatory Flyers

Students in all nine River Houses received sealed invitations under their doors early Friday morning professing to come from “Harvard’s Newest Final Club”—with the inflammatory statements that “Jews need not apply” and “Coloreds OK.”


Committee To Examine Stress

Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds has tasked a committee with finding ways to relieve stress for overburdened undergraduates.


Sexual Assault Policy Unlikely To Change Soon

Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds said this week that Harvard is nowhere close to making the changes to the school’s sexual assault policy advocated in an open student referendum, regardless of whether the motion passes when voting concludes Friday.

Trench Warfare

Harvard Administrators: Yale Has No Chance

Saturday's 129th Harvard-Yale game will be a blowout win for the Crimson, Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith predicted in an interview on Wednesday.

House Life

Faculty Pass New College-Wide Alcohol Policy

At a meeting on Thursday, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted to officially adopt a new set of College-wide alcohol policies, which seek to diminish underage and high-risk drinking.


Student Role in Ad Board Not Likely in Near Future, Hammonds Says

Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds told an audience of students on Thursday that College administrators are nowhere near allowing students to participate in the Administrative Board’s decision-making process.


Registrar Digitalizes Midterm Grade Submission System

The College has overhauled the system used by faculty members to report their students’ midterm progress grades. A new online portal was launched earlier this month to allow professors to submit progress reports for struggling students to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ registrar’s office at any point during the term.

Ad Board

Critics Call for Student Role on Ad Board

This fall, as a massive cheating scandal revives dormant calls for a Harvard honor code, some say it is high time for the dropped proposal of an alternative board to be reconsidered.

Ad Board

For Ad Board, Burdened Proof?

This fall, as students implicated in the current Government 1310 scandal try to clear their names, critics say the Ad Board's closed deliberations may not really offer due process.


Ad Board's Advising System Faces Criticism

As the massive Government 1310 scandal places unprecedented demands on the resident deans who are responsible for guiding their own students through the process and deliberating on the fates of dozens of others, critics say that the resident dean’s contradictory role is brought into even sharper focus.

College Administration

Ad Board's Educational Mission Under Scrutiny

This fall, some of the roughly 125 students accused of improperly collaborating in Government 1310: “Introduction to Congress” will likely be forced to take a year off from school, a punishment that some say will dog them long after their undergraduate years but teach them nothing about appropriate academic practices.

Police in Lamont

Lamont To Stay Open 24/7 For Reading Period & Exams

Late-night Lamonsters are in luck. Lamont Library will stay open 24/7 during reading period and exam period this academic year, College administrators announced Thursday.