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Preview: Blind Boys of Alabama

Carter lived in Boston for much of his life and looks forward to returning for the group’s upcoming concert.


Point/Counterpoint: Gorillaz Release “DoYaThing”

Is "DoYaThing" an energetic anthem or a tepid emulation?

On Campus

"The Tempest" Whips Up a Storm at the Ag

The audience never saw the island in McTaggart’s vision. Instead, set designer Madelynne A. Hays '13 explored McTaggart’s theme of magic in art through the set. As opposed to an outdoor vista, the stage is a hauntingly accurate artist’s studio, complete with hundreds of books, paint sets, and other various curiosities.


‘50/50’ is a Welcome Corrective to Cancer Movies

While the movie is not for someone who has lost someone to cancer—it is far too positive to be cathartic—it does tell the honest story of someone who survived.


Penetrating Novel Follows 'Lost' Band of Pedophiles

The modern purgatory of Russell Banks’ new novel is chilling because it is true.


Beyonce Goes Above and Beyond on ‘4’

Beyoncé has clearly settled into her role as the queen of R&B, and seems to feel more free to experiment with both new and old styles. This transformation suits her.


Abel Acuna '11

Some Harvard students accept that people they meet will assume they are introverted workaholics who stay in and study all ...

On Campus

Preview: Zirn Sees the Specks of Light

The suspension of disbelief plays an important role in an upcoming play that combines Sacramento, aliens, and punk rock.

Housie Awards
House Life

Housie Awards Conferred on House Videos

Movies have the Oscars. TV has the Emmys. Now, Housing Day videos have an award all their own: the Housies!


Senseless 'Sucker Punch' Confounds

“Sucker Punch” had the potential to be a superb and inventive commentary on the objectification of women or on the human mind, or even just a fun anime-style action flick. Instead, it becomes a mess of video-game references, sequins, and general confusion.

On Campus

Silk Road Leads Yo-Yo Ma Back to Harvard

Last Sunday, the Silk Road Ensemble celebrated their renewed collaboration with Harvard University


Memories Stream By In Subtle, Disturbing 'Open City'

Cole explores the realities of being an immigrant and an outsider, and concludes that loneliness is the only universal commonality.


R.E.M. Strive For Change on Latest

“Collapse Into Now” lacks the coherence and unity that have set R.E.M.'s previous work apart.


MIT Psychology Professor Talks About New Book

At a gathering at the Barker Center yesterday, MIT Psychology Professor Sherry Turkle—whose work has focused on the psychological impact of technology—said that despite technology’s potential to bring society together, its users often feel isolated.

On Campus

HRO's Cuban Summer

Under Maestro Cortese, HRO advances plans for their new performance tour